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Aiming at development of global human resources - personnel who channel the group's common sense of values, MOL CHART, to our corporate culture, recognize our social responsibility, and can create shared value with society

Moving ahead to Create a Working Environment that Allows Diversified Personnel to Play Active Roles with a Sense of Unity

Personnel System

To strengthen and concentrate the MOL Group's comprehensive efforts, we are pushing forward with groupwide initiatives on development of independent-spirited personnel who are committed to acting with a sense of ownership and playing an active role in global markets. In April 2015, we introduced MOL CHART to express the core values that all group executives and employees continually pass on to new generations as the group's business globalizes and diversifies.

Penetration of MOL CHART

A scene of MOL CHART training events at aboard operated vessels

The introduction of MOL CHART is aimed at achieving the company's long-term vision and enhancing its corporate value, by strengthening and concentrating its comprehensive group-wide efforts while encouraging MOL Group employees to keep the MOL CHART values foremost in mind as they execute business operations.
During the past year, we developed training programs to promote broader understanding and acceptance of the MOL CHART values and presented them in places where employees gathered. This allowed them to hold deep discussions on the meanings of MOL CHART, MOL's strengths, and their own views on work regardless of their positions.

A Message from the Human Resources Division GM

Miwako Ando
General Manager of Human Resources Development Division

Our group, which develops businesses on a global scale, has always proactively recruited diverse, multinational personnel. Today when the business environment is showing significant changes, we think that creating a working environment that brings together people who have not only external differences such as nationality and gender, but also with different perspectives and philosophies, enables each of them to flower into their potential and to work with vigor and enthusiasm. That in turn creates a stronger corporation. We need to align on the same vector and share the direction the company will take and what it will emphasize. That is the reasoning behind MOL CHART, which we introduced lastyear. We look forward to it taking root in our group's corporate culture, fully understood and appreciated by employees, and guiding them in their day-to-day business activities.

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Launch of Global Management College

A scene of the MOL Global Management College

To strengthen and concentrate the MOL Group’s comprehensive efforts, we are pushing forward with group-wide initiatives on development of independent-spirited personnel who are committed to acting with a sense of ownership and playing an active role in global markets.

MOL has held the MOL Global Management College since FY2014 to improve management skills in our cross-cultural working environment and cultivate the next-generation of executives. In FY2015, it took place from September to December, bringing together 18 employees from group companies around the world. They shared an awareness of the issues and a sense of value that transcended differences in divisions, nations, and cultures.

Comments from the Participants

MOL Global Management College 2015 gave me a golden opportunity to meet and learn from each global participant about MOL's diversified business activities and created opportunities to network with MOL colleagues worldwide. Professionally, I have gained immensely in the following specific areas: a) It enlightened me to realize my "leadership core" and learn how to use it in my workplace, and b) Learning effective communication and utilizing it in today's multicultural, diversified business world.

Captain Animesh Hore
MOL Ship Management (Hong Kong) Company, Limited

It has been an epic journey, one of the greatest experiences of my life. I learned all the time from my colleagues and facilitators, and I left MGMC 2015 with new friends and with the firm intention to apply what I learned in my daily job.

Diego Morandi


MOL Liner, Ltd., an MOL Group company, presents a global human resources development program called "POWER" aimed at fostering the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed for management positions. Over the course of the four-year program, trainees are given various business tasks in their regions.They are also allocated to different regions and involved in actual operations.

Comments from the Participants

The POWER programme is a great opportunity to experience our liner business from all aspects.
Being part of a department for a short period gives you unrivalled possibilities to broaden your knowledge extensively. After a while knowledge gained in one department can be extremely useful in others and gives an opportunity to tackle the challenges we face today with a non-standard approach.
On a personal level you are given opportunities to work on your competencies and develop skills that will help you in any future role.

Michiel Warnes
MOL (Europe) B.V.

I would say POWER is challenging but at the same time rewarding to one's career. One of the crucial aspects in this program is to rotate key-role sections and develop knowledge of business on a fast track. You'll be exposed to dynamic Liner business and expand and deepen your insight with knowing the connectivity and impact of the business in different ways. For me, POWER is impressive in its features that trainees can exchange their own opinions with colleagues no matter they are junior or senior through on-the-job-training. If you're eager to learn MOL Liner deeply and widely and make innovation together, I recommend POWER to you.

Maki Tsujii
Mitsui O.S.K.Lines(Japan),Ltd.

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Training to Enhance Frontline Capabilities

To raise our group-wide safety consciousness, it is important for all executives and employees, including those who work on land, to go on-site aboard vessels and learn to understand and appreciate vessels and their role in our business. We present various programs intended to strengthen bottomup management in our human resources development. This fiscal year, 26 new land-based MOL employees spent seven working days training at seven agencies all over Japan.
Along with observations of loading/unloading operations and vessels, they visited customers' plants and logistics centers, and gained firsthand experience in ensuring safe operation throughout the supply chain.

Feedback from New Employees Who Participated

A view of operations from inside the gantry crane

I visited Tokyo International Container Terminal, which is managed and operated by Utoc Corporation. During the visit, I was impressed with the operation of the 51m-high gantry crane, and actually went inside it. If the part that holds the container is even a few centimeters out of alignment, it could tear a hole in the container, or even cause the crane to collapse. This operation requires a great degree of precision.
It was miraculous to look through the glass floor of the cab and watch the container being moved around with the meticulous operation of a steering wheel.

Emika Hatasaki
MOL Information Systems, Ltd.

Port call by an LNG carrier

I had the chance to visit various vessels at the Port of Nagoya as part of my agency training program. It was also a good experience to visit the fully automated terminal, but during the training program, I was especially impressed when I went aboard a tugboat and watched it assist the arrival and departure of an LNG carrier. I had a close-up look at the important role a tugboat plays in on-site operations. I do my best to give the optimal instructions as an operator while thinking from the vessel's viewpoint.

Hidetoshi Takano
Tanker Division, Crude Oil Tanker Group

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Global Human Resources Meeting

Since December 2014, we have held a regular global human resources meeting to share information on local situations, problems, and issues through global human resources networks with overseas major subsidiaries, and to support local recruitment and human resources development.

Comments from the Participants
The main target of global human resources meeting is to train global leaders who can create new value in global markets, regardless of nationality. We discussed MOL CHART, which expresses our sense of value, and exchanged information about training programs held locally.

We will work to ensure suitable assignment of personnel and support training by clearly evaluating our core personnel around the world, while developing succession plans for major positions. In addition, we continue to support and expand personnel exchanges among subsidiaries, which are already under way locally, and training programs held at the Tokyo Head Office.

Naoto Umehara
Human Resources Division
Assistant General Manager responsible
for global human resources development

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Onboard Training Programs

We provide onboard training programs aimed at helping young employees deepen their knowledge of vessels and operations through hands-on experience and further increase their consciousness of safe operation. At the same time, the programs are intended to foster an awareness of working at a global company through communication with crewmembers of many different nationalities.

Comments from the Participants

"While rocking, crewmembers operate specialized equipment and machinery, work in high places, and handle heavy loads." "Sometimes they work on extremely hot days, extremely cold days, in thunderstorms, heavy rain or snowfall." "The temperature in the engine room will be amazingly high while under way around the Equator." Every crewmember's concentration and patience, as well as close teamwork, are essential when it comes to safe and stable cargo transport. This idea was embedded deeply in my mind after I went on a vessel that was in operation and saw it all with my own eyes. I was able to accumulate knowledge about ship operation, loading/unloading, and maintenance work. And I got a sense of the crewmembers' professionalism by staying with them for several weeks, and coming to appreciate their extraordinary efforts through firsthand experience. This was one of my most valuable experiences.

I'm currently studying specifications, equipment and machinery, and the organizational structure for manning in the business division. Every day I recall "the vessel" I experienced with my five senses through the training program.

Azusa Nakajima (right)
Offshore & LNG Project Division,
Offshore Business Group B

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