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Safety Dec 06, 2016
MOL honors seafarers for "MOL Presidential Award to the Officers and Engineers 2016" - Award for Continuous Contribution for Safe Operation and Cultivating Young Seafarers -
Management Nov 24, 2016
MOL Launches "ISHIN NEXT - MOL SMART SHIP PROJECT -" - Enhancing Business Strengths and Increasing Corporate Value -
Society Nov 18, 2016
MOL Cooperates in 'Sports For Tomorrow' International Contribution Program -1st Corporation to Provide Large-scale Ocean Transport for SFT Programs-
Safety Nov 17, 2016
MOL 'Tabletop Drill' Prepares for Serious Marine Incident - Scenario has Iron Ore Carrier Colliding with Breakwater, Stranded -
Environment Nov 16, 2016
Methanol Carrier the CAJUN SUN Delivered - The Last of the Series of New Vessels Featuring Dual-fueled, Low-rev Main Engine Using Methanol and Fuel Oil -

From Safety,Environmental and Social Report 2016(Issued August 2016)

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