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Safety May 24, 2017
Hazard Map to Supplement 'Capt.'s DOSCA' Optimum Ship Routing System - MOL Starts Initiative to Develop Enhanced Operational Support Tool, Aiming at a New Level of Safety -
Environment May 23, 2017
MOL Sets Sights on Construction of LNG-fueled Tugboat - 1st LNG Fueled Tugboat in Osaka Bay, Promoting "ISHIN NEXT" -
Environment May 19, 2017
MOL to Launch Sales of Redesigned, Refined PBCF - Meeting Higher Needs for Environmental Protection by Further Improving Energy-saving Performance -
Environment May 15, 2017
Announcement of co-exhibiting "Viable Organism Analyzer" and "Ballast Water Sample Concentrator" at BARI-SHIP 2017 -Environmental Initiatives in Advance of International Regulations-
Society Apr 12, 2017
MOL Receives Letter of Appreciation for Transporting Fire Engines to Paraguay - 10th time Transporting, Drawing upon its Global Network to Implement a Unique Social Contribution Program -

From Safety,Environmental and Social Report 2016(Issued August 2016)

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