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Basic Policies

The MOL Group Corporate Principles state: "We will strive to maximize corporate value by always being creative, continually pursuing higher operating efficiency, and promoting an open and visible management style that is guided by the highest ethical and social standards." In keeping with these principles, MOL discloses information and conducts investor relations (IR) activities according to the following policies:

  • Ensuring accountability to our shareholders and investors, by promptly, accurately, impartially, and continually disclosing corporate and financial information.
  • Seeking to formulate an appropriate market evaluation and feed back market voices to our management, through active communication with our shareholders and investors.

Information Disclosure Standards

MOL discloses corporate information based on the rules on timely disclosure of corporate information of the listed security issuers (hereinafter called "timely disclosure rules") of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Company also ensures prompt disclosure of information that is not subject to the standards of timely disclosure, if its disclosure is judged beneficial for our shareholders and investors.

Information Disclosure Procedures

  • The information relevant to the matters to be disclosed based on the timely disclosure standards is available at the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet). The information disclosed at TDnet is posted on the Web site as quickly as possible. (However, please remember that preparations to post the material may take some time.)
  • The Company discloses even information that is not subject to timely disclosure standards with appropriate procedures such as press releases and Web site postings, giving extra consideration to our investors for communicating such information as accurately and impartially as possible.
  • The Company strives to disclose information both in Japanese and English at the same time or as quickly as possible.

Enhancing Communication

  • In addition to timely disclosure of information, MOL seeks to ensure that our shareholders and investors can fully understand the Company's strategies and business models, business climate, financial standing, and so on in a comprehensive manner and with a long term outlook. For example, we publish clear, easy-to-understand IR tools (Annual Report, Investor Guidebook, Market Data, presentation of business performances, and so on) and offer comprehensive content on the Web site.
  • The Company seeks to enhance communication with our shareholders and investors through briefing sessions and other events for institutional and individual investors, and by answering daily inquiries.


  • The disclosed information (including that posted on the Web site) contains forward-looking statements concerning MOL's future plans, strategies, and performance. These statements represent assumptions and beliefs based on information currently available and are not historical facts. Furthermore, forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that include, but are not limited to, economic conditions, worldwide competition in the shipping industry, customer demand, foreign currency exchange rates, bunker prices, tax laws, and other regulations. Therefore, actual results may differ materially from these predictions.
  • The disclosed information (including that posted on the Web site) is not intended to induce site visitors to invest. Visitors are urged to take responsibility for making their own investment decisions.

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