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Safety Dec 22, 2006
MOL Formulates Measures to Reinforce Safe Operation Structure with the Slogan "Returning to Basics"
Safety Dec 19, 2006
MOL Kakio Institute Completed, Featuring Research Labs and Club House for Employee
Safety Dec 11, 2006
MOL Developing Seafarer Education and Employment System - Ties up with Russia's Admiral Ushakov Maritime State Academy-
Society Nov 30, 2006
MOL Pledges to Assist with UNHCR Aid Transport and Purchase of Emergency Supplies
Safety Oct 5, 2006
MOL Opens "MOL Class" at Merchant Marine Universities in Vietnam
Safety Oct 4, 2006
MOL Reinforces Safety Measures
Safety Oct 2, 2006
MOL, COSCO Team up to Launch "MOL Class" at Dalian Maritime University
Environment Sep 26, 2006
MOL Patents Wind Resistance-Reducing Car Carrier Design - Earth-friendly, fuel-saving ships can now be adopted by other companies -
Safety Sep 22, 2006
MOL Steps up Recruitment and Training of Indian Seafarers
Management Sep 11, 2006
MOL Again Earns Listing on the major social responsibility investment (SRI) indices
Safety Aug 31, 2006
New Dormitory at MOL Crew Training Center in Philippine
Management Aug 29, 2006
MOL Publishes Environmental and Social Report 2006
Environment Jul 27, 2006
MOL and TICT to Introduce Solar Power Generation System -- First large-scale installation at a container terminal in Japan --
Safety Jul 5, 2006
Containership MOL Miracle Cooperates in Drill Simulating Attack at Sea in Hong Kong
Society Jun 30, 2006
Emergency Relief for Earthquake Victims in Central Java
Society May 25, 2006
MOL Joins UN Global Compact Exchange Meeting Attended by Secretary-General Kofi Annan
Safety Apr 17, 2006
MOL Organized Grand Opening Party for New Training Center in Vladivostok
Management Apr 6, 2006
MOL receives 9th Environmental Report Sustainability Excellent Award
Safety Apr 5, 2006
MOL Participates in 50th Anniversary Celebration for Vietnam Maritime University
Safety Mar 29, 2006
MOL Restructures Ship Management System to Enhance Safety
Society Mar 27, 2006
1st "MOL Kids Cruise" Invites Children aboard the Nippon Maru to Promote
Safety Mar 27, 2006
MOL Welcomes Teacher Interns from Kobe University Maritime Science Department
Safety Mar 16, 2006
MOL Starts Recruiting Vietnamese Seafarers Taking initiative to provide personnel for fleet expansion
Society Feb 22, 2006
MOL Aids Landslide Victims on Leyte Island, Philippines
Safety Feb 16, 2006
MOL Implements Overall Safety Checks. Inspectors to visit ships, ship managers and shipowners to ensure safety, quality, environmental protection standards

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