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Aiming to Become a Company that Grows Sustainably in Harmony with Society

MOL's basic stance toward corporate social responsibility (CSR) is expressed in the MOL Group Corporate Principles.
To put the principles into concrete form, the MOL Group meets global transport demand through its daily business activities. We strive to become a company that grows sustainably in harmony with society by moving forward on CSR initiatives to strengthen the business base.
In April 2015, to ensure our sustainable growth, we introduced "MOL CHART", expressing the core values embraced by all MOL Group employees.

Top Management Commitment
An Excellent and Resilient Organization That Grows Sustainably and Harmoniously with Society

MOL Group's Approach to CSR
MOL is striving for evolution in its CSR initiatives to bring substance to the MOL Group Corporate Principles.

CSR Activities Results (FY2015) and Targets (FY2016)
Reports CSR Program Targets of FY2016 and Results of FY2015.

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