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Diversity, Work -life Balance, Development of Work Environment


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Promotion of Diversity

The MOL Group, which develops businesses globally, has about 20,000 employees and crewmembers of various nationalities. We have worked to develop an environment that will increase our group-wide comprehensive strength and allow multi-national, diversified personnel including women to play more active roles.

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Establishment of Diversity Management Unit

MOL positions diversity management as one of its important management strategies, and is moving ahead to create a working environment that allows multinational, diversified personnel including women, to make full use of their talents and reach their full potential. To further encourage them to play more active roles, we established the new Diversity Management Unit in July 2015. During FY2015, we conducted programs to promote women's engagement in the company, such as holding internal seminars and formulating an action plan, In addition to fulfilling systems centering on childcare and nursing care. We will continue our push to develop a working environment where people from all nationalities and backgrounds can play active and essential roles in the group.

Continued Employment System

MOL has a reemployment system for workers who have reached mandatory retirement age, and re-hires retirees who desire to work.

Creating Opportunities for Disabled Workers

Disabled employees accounted for 2.0% of the MOL workforce as of April 2016. We continue our efforts to promote the hiring of disabled workers by cultivating job fields where they can make the most of their abilities and cooperating closely with social welfare organizations.

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Promoting Women's Initiatives

To encourage women to play more active roles in the company, we have worked not only to fulfill systems centering on childcare support, but also to expand support for female personnel in pursuing their career paths. In addition, female managers receive various kinds of support including seminars to increase motivation.

Voice of a Woman Marine Officer
When I first came on board, I was disappointed in my lack of physical strength, and I had a hard time understanding the natural order of things at the port where I arrived. I can't count how many times I have felt frustrated. But still, when I can complete my job with no problems, or overcome a difficult situation, I am happy. So I always do my work with a positive attitude.

Saori Shiokawa
MOL Ship Management Co., Ltd.

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Work-life Balance


In consideration of changes in life stages and lifestyles of employees and crewmembers, MOL has promoted efforts to enhance the work-life balance. We also recognize that employees and crewmembers must be in excellent health, both mentally and physically, to do their jobs effectively. We strive to help them manage their health and to provide working environments that comply with laws, regulations, and treaties.

Starting from April 2015, to meet requirement of employees who are in the middle of childcare and/or nursing care, we have introduced options allowing employees to partly work at home instead of fully working in the office.

As of fiscal 2014, we also introduced a new system under which female personnel can be reemployed with the company even if they had to resign to follow their spouse to an overseas posting. We strive to provide opportunities for employees to continue their career paths. In FY2014, MOL acquired "Kurumin" Certification under the Act on Advancement Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.

Voice of an Employee
In August, I took a short two-week childcare leave to look after a baby born in February. Even though it was a short time, I was able to spend time with my wife, caring for the baby during the daytime. It was a great experience since my job does not allow me to be involved in raising my children every day. It is still rare for men to take childcare leave, but it is a great opportunity for men who want the chance to be more involved in raising their families. It helps build closer ties with the children, too.

Nobuhiro Nishii
Dry Bulker Supervising Office
Assistant Manager (1st Officer)

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