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Human Resources Development


Safe Operation
Human Resources Development
Social Contribution Activities
Dialogue with Stakeholders
External Recognition
Safety, Environmental and Social Report

Initiatives to Maximize the Potential of Employees

Maximizing the Potential of Human Resources: the Driving Force behind Growth and Value Creation

Global Human Resources Development
An introduction to MOL's Global Human Resources Development.

Diversity, Work -life Balance, Development of Work Environment
Striving to develop an environment where multinational, diversified personnel can maximize their personal development

Development of Working Environment
An introduction to MOL's development of Working Environment.

Interview: Executive Officer Responsible for Human Resources Development
- Helping women advance in their careers -
An itroductiont to the Interview with Excecutive officer responsible for Human resouces development, in which he talked about issues such as necessity of women empowerment.

MOL to Establish Maritime Academy in the Philippines
An introduction to MOL's establishment of Maritime Academy in the Philippines with the aim of recruiting and training top-quality seafarers.

Human Resource Data
An introduction to MOL's Human Resourse Data.

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