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Providing Secondhand Containers to Support Reconstruction in Quake-damaged Areas of Ecuador

MOL contributed secondhand cargo containers to serve as emergency shelters for victims left homeless after the severe earthquake in Ecuador in May 2016. We also stepped up to transport drinking water and other aid supplies.

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Providing Voluntary Transport Service of Sporting Goods to Ghana

MOL provided voluntary transport service of sporting goods to Ghana as a consortium member of the international contribution program "Sport For Tomorrow (SFT)"(*1). We transported a total of 11,538 items, such as soccer shoes, which were collected by other organizations, corporate partners, and individuals. The items were donated to the organizer and participants of a sports event through Enije(*2). MOL is the first ocean shipping company to provide large-scale support for SFT programs.

(*1)Sport For Tomorrow (SFT): The Japanese government is committed to creating a brighter future through the power of sports, helping more than 10 million people in over 100 countries from 2014 until 2020. With the Sport for Tomorrow program, Japan aims to be involved in the promotion of sporting values.

(*2) Enije: Led by its representative David Yano, the organization began operations in 2007, and was incorporated in 2012. Its activities center on education in Ghana and Japan, supporting independence through construction of schools, education of teachers, and promotion of sports.

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Presenting Tour of Car Carrier on 'Marine Day'

On July 18, 2016, MOL offered tours of a car carrier, the Aquamarine Ace, as a part of the "Marine Day" event called the "Umi-to-Nippon Project (The Ocean and Japan Project)(*). About 200 elementary and junior high school students and their families participated in this event, and boarded the huge vessel, about 200m long and 45m high. The visitors toured the bridge, lounge, crew quarters, and so on.

(*) Umi-to-Nippon Project (The Ocean and Japan Project): A joint project organized by the Cabinet Office's Headquarters for Ocean Policy, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and The Nippon Foundation, engaging in various events related to the ocean in cooperation with industry, academia, and the private sector, such as concerned ministries and agencies, local government, and various organizations, corporations, and universities.

MOL Teams Up with Sogo & Seibu and International NGO JOICFP(*) to Build Awareness of Ocean Shipping

MOL provides transport service for used children’s shoes that Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd. collected and donated through its trade-in service to Zambia, in cooperation with the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP). Recently, the three parties cooperated on a project that not only promoted donations of shoes, but also enlightened the public about maritime affairs. Called "Experience the World of Oceans and Ships," the event was held at a Sogo & Seibu store, and included information panels about shoe donation projects and featured a quiz game led by an MOL marine officer.

(*) JOICFP: The Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that contributes to the welfare of local residents by conducting research related to family planning and maternal and child health in developing nations.

Seagoing Employee Pitches in on Social Studies Field Trip to Port of Yokohama

A seagoing MOL employee served as a guest instructor for a social studies field trip by 81 fourth-grade students from Sagami Women's University Elementary School, and delivered a lecture about ocean shipping and the work seafarers do at the Port of Yokohama's Symbol Tower at Honmoku Pier. The employee's seagoing experience brought the subject to life for the students, giving them an opportunity to learn the fun and attractiveness of working as a mariner, through his words and photos of maritime work at sea and on shore.

Comments from the schoolchildren
"I found there are many creative ways for seafarers to relax and enjoy their daily lives at sea."
"I want to know more about ships."

MOL Hosts Internal Lecture by Organization that Supports Emerging Countries

MOL invited the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP) to explain its various initiatives to reduce maternal mortality in emerging countries and volunteer activities that individuals can take part in. We also invited an NGO called The Volunteers Group to Send Wheelchairs to Overseas Children(*) to talk about the significance of its work, how it affects the lives of disabled children, and the specifics of its wheelchair donation and repair activities.

(*) NGO The Volunteers Group to Send Wheelchairs to Overseas Children: Established in 2004, the group collects used wheelchairs outgrown by children in Japan, cleans, repairs, and services them, and donates them to physically disabled children overseas. To date it has donated 5,711 wheelchairs to children in 23 nations.

Volunteer Activities in Flood-stricken Joso City

MOL employees listened to the stories of those affected when the Kinugawa River flooded Joso City on September 10, 2015, the sequence of experiences up to the present time, and the reminiscences of a couple who owned a noodle factory severely damaged in the flood. It really hit home that anyone could be a victim of such a disaster and employees felt the pain of losing more than money could ever replace. It was also an opportunity to think about what we could do. Our employees joined in to dismantle the damaged structure, removed flood debris, and produced a signboard announcing that the former factory is now a community center where people can come to relax and share their experience. They experienced things in a way that is only possible when visiting in person and seeing with one's own eyes, came to appreciate the onsite-first principle, and fully understood the difficulties of reconstruction.

Pledging Support for People Afflicted by Kumamoto Earthquake

The MOL Group donated ¥30 million to help with rescue and support activities after a recent earthquake in the Kumamoto region. In addition, we launched a charity donation drive within the MOL Group and donated a total of about ¥4.3 million.

Establishing a Recycling Program for Lashing Belts Used in Car Carriers

Until now, when lashing belts used to secure vehicles in car carriers reached the end of their useful lives, they were treated as industrial waste, but we planned and established a unique new recycling program. We entrust the work of preparing the belts for recycling to a non-profit organization in Oita Prefecture that creates employment opportunities for disabled workers.


Yoshiharu Hanamiya,
Chairman of the Oita City Conference of Support for Disabled Employment

Employees can enthusiastically engage in this work, so their productivity increases as they get used to doing the job. At present, they can separate more than 1,000 belts per day. And their wages have increased, so they are more motivated than ever to work.
I want to thank everyone who helped create this program, which provides such a great opportunity.

Supporting UN World Food Programme and Participating in Related Events.

MOL participates in the Japan Association for the UN World Food Programme, an organization that coordinates private-sector support for the program, and provides support for it in the form of donations and the like. Employees also volunteer and participate continuously in a charity event, "WFP Walk the World," which is held to prevent children around the world from going hungry.

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Transporting Used Wheelchairs for Children

As an activity unique to a shipping company, MOL Group provides free ocean transport to all over the world. In Oct 2014, we provided ocean transport of used wheelchairs from Japan to Paraguay, where they were delivered to needy children. Paraguayan Ambassador to Japan Naoyuki Toyotoshi presented MOL with a letter of appreciation from Secretaria National por los Derechos Humanos de las Personas con Discapacidad (SENADIS) Minister Rocio Florentin Gomez.

Transporting Fire Engines

A Fire Engine at the Port of Asuncion, Paraguay

Since 2010, MOL has transported fire engines to Paraguay in cooperation with the Paraguayan Embassy in Tokyo.
In January 2016, seven fire engines arrived at the Port of Asuncion. The engines will help the nation upgrade its firefighting and public safety capabilities.

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South Africa

Transportation of Secondhand Books

Since 1993, MOL has been supporting NPO Together with Africa and Asia Association (TAAA) and provided marine transport for secondhand books to South Africa. Total 400 thousands books donated through TAAA are serving for improving long-neglected education in disadvantaged areas in South Africa.

Pledging Assistance in Ocean Transport of Mobile Library Vehicles to South Africa

MOL assists the non-profit organization South Africa Primary Education Support Initiative (Sapesi-Japan) with the ocean transport of mobile library vehicles to the Republic of South Africa. We have transported 45 vehicles, including seven in the past year, donated from all over Japan. The mobile libraries that played an important role in local communities in Japan will soon gain new lives visiting elementary and junior high schools in South Africa and contributing to the education of both students and teachers.

(*) The NPO Sapesi-Japan: The organization cooperates with the South African Ministry of Education to collect retired mobile library vehicles throughout Japan and donate them to South Africa to raise the level of elementary education. It has promoted mobile library services and worked to improve school libraries.

A commemorative shot in front of one of the mobile libraries

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