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Effort to Aid Quake-stricken Areas in Ecuador

MOL contributed secondhand cargo containers to serve as emergency shelters for those left homeless after a severe earthquake in Ecuador, and arranged for the transport of drinking water and other critical relief supplies

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Transport of Used Shoes to Zambia/Providing Secondhand Containers

MOL has transported used shoes to Zambia since 2010 in cooperation with the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP*). Shoes are collected at Sogo and Seibu department stores and ItoYokado supermarkets. MOL also donates secondhand containers to Zambia to serve as Maternity House, a standby facility to help expectant and nursing mothers.

*The Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning(JOICFP) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that contributes to the welfare of local residents by conducting research related to family planning and maternal and child health in developing nations.

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Supporting UN World Food Programme and Participating in Related Events.

MOL participates in the Japan Association for the UN World Food Programme, an organization that coordinates private-sector support for the program, and provides support for it in the form of donations and the like. Employees also volunteer and participate continuously in a charity event, "WFP Walk the World," which is held to prevent children around the world from going hungry.

Container Terminal Tours

Together with Group companies Utoc Corporation and Shosen Koun Co., Ltd., MOL has for many years given tours of container terminals-trade gateways for Japan-to junior and senior high school students, as well as adults, out of a desire to teach people the roles played by ocean shipping and port operation.

Charity Event Draws Attention to Child Hunger

MOL held a charity event to help the World Food Programme (WFP(*))'s school meal initiative. The event gave executives and employees the chance to taste the same kind of meals provided through the aid program and purchase WFP charity merchandise, with all the proceeds going to the WFP. More than 300 people took part in the event. Their contributions through the event will help provide about 4,000 children with nutritious meals.

*The World Food Programme (WFP) is part of the United Nations system and the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. It implements school meal programs to ensure that every child has access to education, health, and nutrition.

Head Office Visit by Marine Technology Grad Students from Delft University

MOL welcomed 34 graduate students from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands in a visit to the Tokyo Head Office. We showed them the Safety Operation Supporting Center (SOSC), and MOL employees enjoyed an active exchange of opinions about our response to environmental issues.

Presenting Marine Day Event to let people come in contact with the Sea and the Ships

MOL presented tours of a containership, container terminal, cruise ship, and ferry, and offered guests the opportunity to experience the ship operation simulator, in cooperation with the Japanese Shipowners' Association and the Japan Captains' Association.

[ Voices of Participants ]
・It was a rare opportunity to see the inside of the ship.
・It was amazing to see how big the containership was.

MOL Presents Dialogue between Miyako City Mayor and Local Youth aboard Nippon Maru

MOL invited Miyako City Mayor Masanori Yamamoto and university students and adults living in the city to a dialogue event aboard the cruise ship Nippon Maru during a call at the port of Miyako, Iwate Prefecture.

Comment from Miyako City Mayor Masanori Yamamoto

Masanori Yamamoto
Miyako City Mayor

"Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. created the program, which invited 21 university students and adults living in the city to exchange opinions and ideas. The visit provided an opportunity for the younger generation, which will create the future of the region, to rediscover the attractiveness of the area and strengthen their ties with each other. During the dialogue, the participants shared their ideas of"My Favorite Miyako," and discussed ways to promote the region's attractions to more people."

"We received comments from university students who took part in the dialogue such as: 'For me, who grew up in an urban city, Miyako's nature itself is very attractive,' 'I was moved to find out that scenes we see every day are amazing to people coming to Miyako from outside the prefecture,' and 'I usually have few opportunities to meet people of my generation, so it was very good to have an opportunity for exchange. I want to continue this.'

"I heard some very valuable opinions, too. Everyone has the same feeling about wanting to promote Miyako City. I hope the young people come up with a lot of ideas and measures to do this."

Effort to Aid Quake-stricken Areas in Kumamoto, Japan

To provide group-wide support after the Kumamoto Earthquake in April 2016, MOL established an aid relief task force in the immediate aftermath of the quake. We launched a charity donation drive, collecting about ¥4.3 million within the group to help people impacted by the disaster and to start reconstruction of the affected areas. It has also made a donation of ¥30 million as a group.

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Effort to Aid Quake-stricken Areas in Nepal

Distributing relief supplies in Kathmandu, Nepal (Photo by "Asian Children's Dream")

MOL has provided ocean transport of relief supplies donated by the non-governmental organization "Asian Children's Dream(*)" to assist those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. MOL transported about 6,000 items such as warm clothing and blankets to four villages, located at 5,000 meters above sea level in the northeastern part of Kathmandu, Capital of Nepal.

(*) A non-governmental organization in Toyama that assists the afflicted people in Asia's developing nations and in areas afflicted by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

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Transporting Fire Engines

A Fire Engine at the Port of Asuncion, Paraguay

Since 2010, MOL has transported fire engines to Paraguay in cooperation with the Paraguayan Embassy in Tokyo.
In January 2016, seven fire engines arrived at the Port of Asuncion. The engines will help the nation upgrade its firefighting and public safety capabilities.

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The Philippines

Transporting Wheelchairs to the Philippines

MOL provided free transport of 90 used wheelchairs for children in the Philippines. The wheelchairs were donated to the non-profit organization The Volunteers Group to Send Wheelchairs to Overseas Children, which recognized our contribution at a ceremony in the Philippines, and in a letter of appreciation.

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Hong Kong

Lights-off Hour Event and Blood Donation Program at MOL Global Offices

MOL, Hong Kong-based MOL Liner, Ltd., and other MOL Group companies - 17 in all - joined the lights-off hour event called "Earth Hour 2016" organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to promote environmental protection. MOL Liner and other group companies in Hong Kong also participated in a blood donation drive that resulted in more than 50 employees giving blood.

*WWF is one of the world's largest leading conservation organizations, working in more than 100 countries. Its efforts focus on promoting biodiversity and preventing global warming.

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South Africa

Transportation of Secondhand Books

Since 1993, MOL has been supporting NPO Together with Africa and Asia Association (TAAA) and provided marine transport for secondhand books to South Africa. Total 400 thousands books donated through TAAA are serving for improving long-neglected education in disadvantaged areas in South Africa.

Transporting Mobile Libraries

MOL Car Carrier Division General Manager Hirotoshi Ushioku receives a letter of appreciation from Ms. René Everson-Varney, Chargé d'Affaires of the Republic of South Africa

Since 2009, MOL has assisted the non-profit organization South Africa Primary Education Support Initiative (Sapesi-Japan) with the ocean transport of mobile library vehicles to the Republic of South Africa. So far we have transported 45 vehicles.
In March 2016, a ceremony marking the transport of the mobile library vehicles was held at the South African Embassy in Tokyo, with participants including Ms. René Everson-Varney, Chargé d'Affaires of the Republic of South Africa, and MOL Car Carrier Division General Manager, Hirotoshi Ushioku. The mobile libraries that played an important role in local communities in Japan gain new lives visiting elementary and junior high schools in South Africa and contributing to its educational activities.

A commemorative shot in front of one of the mobile libraries

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