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As a corporate group that strives for sustainable growth in step with society, we take a proactive stance in social contribution activities that are unique to an ocean shipping company with a global network. The group also emphasizes activities that get employees engaged and involved.

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MOL's primary social contribution activities

Activities Involving Executives and Employees, in Japan and Overseas

MOL plans various programs for executives and employees to implement on their own initiative. It also believes participation in social contribution activities presents an opportunity for personal growth.

Addressing Social Issues in a Way Unique to an Ocean Shipping Company

MOL supports local communities in need of relief supplies and NPOs that work to assist them, by providing containership and car carrier transport at no cost.

Supporting Source Nations of Our Seagoing Workforce

MOL offers ongoing support to the nations and regions that develop our seafarers, such as the Philippines, and works to deepen ties with these areas.

Education Activities to Convey the Significance of Japan's Maritime Industry

MOL continues activities to convey the maritime industry’s importance to Japan as an island country. In fiscal 2015, we presented lectures to about 230 young people.

Supporting Disaster-stricken Areas

MOL is always ready to support reconstruction efforts in areas affected by disasters, including the Great East Japan Earthquake, as well as swift emergency aid relief right after a disaster.

Activities since 2015

Activities in or before 2014

Volunteer Activities in Flood-ravaged Area of Joso City









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