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Associated Businesses

MOL is expanding its associated businesses, mainly in ocean shipping-related fields such as cruise ships, tugboats, sale of ship supplies and offshore engineering. In real estate, another core business, Daibiru Corporation contributes stable profits that enhance the MOL Group's overall performance.

Business Performance of FY2017

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The cruise ship business recorded a year-on-year decrease in ordinary profit due mainly to the effect of cruise cancellations because of the impact of typhoons, despite healthy passenger sales for the Nippon Maru. In the real estate business, ordinary profit increased year on year owing mainly to Daibiru Corporation, the core company in the MOL Group’s real estate business, increasing its sales on the back of the firm office leasing market, centered on the Tokyo metropolitan area. Other associated businesses, such as the tugboat and trading businesses, also showed firm performances overall. Consequently, ordinary profit of the associated businesses segment increased on a year-on-year basis.

Highlights & Strategy

Highlights & Strategy by Operating Segment - from Annual Report
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