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(outlook, etc.)
Announced on
JCRnew window Short-term debt rating Commercial Paper J-1 Feb.8,2018
Long-term senior debt (issuer) rating   A-
Long-term debt rating Bonds No12, No15,No16, No17,
No18, No19
A- Feb.8,2018
R&Inew window Issuer rating   BBB
Short-term debt rating Commercial Paper a-2 Jan.25,2017
Long-term debt rating Bonds No12,No15,No16, No17, No18 BBB Jan.25,2017
Moody'snew window Corporate family rating Ba1

Corporate Bond

Date of Issue Years Interest Rate Total amount of Issue Outstanding
Straight bonds No.12 May 27, 2009 10 years 1.999% 20 billion yen 18.5 billion yen
Straight bonds No.15 Jun 21, 2011 10 years 1.361% 20 billion yen 17.8 billion yen
Straight bonds No.18 Jul 12, 2012 10 years 1.139% 10 billion yen 8.7 billion yen
Euro USD Zero Coupon
Convertible bonds(*)
Apr 24, 2014 6 years Zero Coupon 200 Million USD 200 Million USD
Straight bonds No.19 Jun 19, 2014 10 years 0.970% 29.6 billion yen 29.5 billion yen
(*)Please refer to following press release for further information;

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