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What's new
Nov 08, 2017 MOL Joins Research Project on Use of Vibrating Sensors to Detect Abnormalities in Rotary Machineries - Enhancing Safe Operation Using New Ship IoT-based Technology to Monitor Marine Propulsion Plants -
Nov 07, 2017 Updated "Market Data"
Nov 07, 2017 MOL Methanol Carrier Rescues Castaway - One survivor rescued in Caribbean Sea -
Nov 02, 2017 MOL and China COSCO Shipping Jointly Own 4 LNG Carriers for Russia Yamal LNG Project
Nov 02, 2017 MOL Truth, Japan's 1st 20,000 TEU Containership, Delivered - Largest Built in Japan, to be Launched on Asia-North Europe Trade -
Oct 31, 2017 Notice of Purchase of Own Shares Associated with Treatment of Fractions of Less than One Share Due to Consolidation of SharesPDF[12KB]
Oct 31, 2017 MOL announced its FY2017 2nd Quarter results
Oct 30, 2017 MOL Develops Mariner Safety Education Tool Using VR Goggles - Using Leading-edge Technology to Eliminate Industrial Accidents -
Oct 27, 2017 MOL Enhances Operation Data Collection and Monitoring Functions for Development of 'Next-generation Ship Management Support System'
Oct 25, 2017 [Ryohei Yanagihara Museum] New Pictures for November
Oct 18, 2017 MOL Tabletop Drill Focuses on Car Carrier Safety - Scenario Has Car Carrier Adrift with Fire in Engine Room, Breaching Hull on Reef -
Oct 16, 2017 Newbuilding LNG Carrier for Tokyo Gas Named 'Energy Liberty' - The Vessel Will Transport U.S. Shale Gas -
Oct 13, 2017 PBCF Receives 2017 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Award - PBCF Reduces 3-5% in Fuel Consumption; Underscores MOL Group's Commitment to Environmental Protection with Sales of Over 3,200 Units -
Oct 04, 2017 Updated "Market Data"
Sep 29, 2017 Naming Ceremony Held for World's Largest FSRU - 1st FSRU Independently Built, Owned and Operated by Japanese Shipping Company -

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