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Transporting Resources with the World's Largest Fleet

One of the world's largest iron ore carriers, the Brasil Maru

To respond quickly to changing market environments

Japan has always relied heavily on imports of a wide range of raw materials, including iron ore coal, grain, wood chips, cement, fertilizer, and salt, and today's economic growth, combined with an enhanced international division of labor, make global shipping more active than ever.
MOL operates the world's largest fleet of dry bulkers, offering stable, mass-volume transport of dry bulk cargo. We meet various customer needs with a range of specialized carriers designed and constructed for particular cargo characteristics and conditions at loading/unloading ports. These vessels include iron ore carriers that have become successively larger, coal carriers tailored to the needs of specific ports, and wood chip carriers that transport lightweight, high-volume shipments for the worldwide paper industry.

Loading operations on a coal carrier

Loading steel

Handymax bulker
Zebra Wind

Wood chip carrier Anemona

To achieve optimum transport services

Unloading operations on a cape-size bulker

MOL has a wide variety of vessels, including not only specialized carriers but also dry bulkers of all sizes, giving us the flexibility to meet the needs of different trades with a top-quality transport service. We work constantly to establish systems that ensure safe operation on board our vessels as a top priority and to guarantee the reliable, safe transportation of the cargo our customers entrust to us. We are continuously promoting measures to further enhance safety in all our operations.
From anywhere to everywhere, all over the world - MOL's dry bulker service is continually evolving to meet diverse customer needs with safer operations and a higher quality of service

Wood chip carrier
HK Delight

Small-handy bulker
C.S. Star

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