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Luxurious Comfort with Sincere Hospitality

Cruise ship Nippon Maru

Relaxing at Sea is the Finest Form of Travel

Ishigaki-jima island, one of the Nippon Maru's calling ports

Viewing fireworks from the Nippon Maru

The cruise, which transforms travel into pleasure, is perhaps the most sophisticated form a journey you can take. MOL's cruise ship services appeal to a broad customer base, with offerings that range from long-term cruises around Japan to one-night or weekend getaways. Even more than the variety of cruises, we offer all kinds of entertainment for passengers to enjoy - from a full-scale onboard party, to concerts, shows, movies, and even operas and various other traditional performing arts. At the other end of the spectrum, our cruise ship also beckons you with the sight of the calm sea slipping by from the sun deck or a brilliant sunset at bar counter. Anytime, anyplace, MOL continues to offer the highest level of comfort with our own unique style.

Epicurean Relaxation from Tradition that Spans Over a Century

The best part of a cruise is spending luxurious time in a relaxed frame of mind on the expanse of the ocean, and award-winning cuisine. This epicurean relaxation harkens back to our century of experience in pampering our passengers. From the Santos Maru in the Taisho Era (1912-1926) to the Argentina Maru and the Brasil Maru, whose graceful exterior and luxurious interior set the standard for liner travel in the early Showa Era (1926-1989) - MOL has always delivered the ultimate in hospitality and enjoyment.

Lido Terrace

Grand suite

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