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Contributing to Stable Energy Resource Trade with a Global Reach

VLCC Kazusa

The Energy Transport Expert

VLCC Shizukisan

The mainstay of the world's energy supply is oil, which requires especially safe and efficient transport.
MOL's fleet includes Very Large Crude Oil Carriers (VLCCs) of more than 200,000 DWT and smaller vessels called Aframax tankers, contributing to the safe delivery of crude oil all around the world.
The fleet also has various types of vessels that meet specific cargo characteristics - product tankers that transport refined petroleum products such as gas oils, naphtha, and gasoline, chemical tankers and methanol carriers that transport liquid chemical products, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers. With the world's largest tanker fleet and decades of extensive experience and expertise, MOL is truly the energy expert when it comes to developing global tanker operations.

Aframax tanker Atlantic Explorer

Product tanker Garnet Express

Methanol tanker San Fernando

LPG carrier Gas Oriental

Establishing a Safe Operation System

Transport of crude oil and other energy resources requires a sophisticated safe operation system supported by advanced technical capabilities. MOL focuses on enhancement of the fleet's quality as well as seafarer education and training to establish an optimum safe operation system. Under an international treaty, all tankers built after 1996 must have a double-hull structure for cargo tanks to prevent cargo oil leakage in the event of a collision or grounding.
MOL promoted the adoption of double-hulled cargo tanks ahead of other companies for the sake of marine and global environmental protection, which is one of its corporate principles. By the end of December 2008, all of MOL's crude oil tankers had double-hull cargo tanks. Further, MOL adopted the double-hull structure to fuel tanks for VLCCs launched after May 2005.
The MOL Group owns ship management companies specializing in tankers. MOL consolidates the tanker operation know-how accumulated at these companies to improve customer services and ensure safe and efficient operation. In addition, MOL's in-house training centers provide seafarers with extensive education and training programs backed by the MOL Group's rich experience in tanker operations including cargo loading and discharging.

VLCC Hakkaisan

Product tanker Advance Victoria

Periodic vessel inspection

Double-hull tanker

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