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Safe, Stable, and Environmentally Friendly Car Carrier Services

PCTC Emerald Ace

Always an Automobile Transport Pioneer

Loading passenger cars

Loading large construction equipment

In 1965, MOL launched the first pure car carrier (PCC) to meet the needs of Japan's burgeoning automobile export trade. Since then, as a pioneer in automobile transport, we have offered continual improvements in the safety and reliability of our car carrier service, in step with the market's globalization. The capacity of the first PCCs were about 1,200 automobiles. Today's pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs) accommodate all types of vehicles, from passenger cars to construction machineries. With up to 13 cargo decks, PCTCs can transport 6,400 standard passenger cars at once.
Furthermore, MOL plans to launch the newbuilding FLEXIE series of car carriers. Their innovative design makes it more efficient to load vehicles of different heights by increasing the number of decks to 14, including six height-adjusting liftable decks, compared to the two on current PCTCs.

MOL Group's Car Carrier Service Brand Introduced in July 2015:
MOL Auto Carrier Express (MOL ACE)

MOL-operated car carriers are known by their flagship name "ACE," which instantly identifies these ships as MOL carriers and links them to our proud history of technological innovation and environmental friendliness. The unified brand MOL ACE now sets the stage to build on this tradition as we strive to expand in global markets.

Developing Services to Quickly Meet a Changing Business Environment

Completed car storage yard at Ennore Port in India

Demand has increased for services linking ports overseas without calling in Japan as car manufacturers have expanded their offshore production.
Our strength is the flexibility to meet diversified customer needs and shifting logistic patterns. That flexibility stems from the MOL Group’s world-leading service network and our fleet of 110 vessels. In addition, drawing upon nearly a half-century of know-how and experience in car carrier operation, MOL has established joint ventures in markets where the automobile industry is showing rapid growth, such as China and India. We offer top-quality, locally based, comprehensive automobile transport services such as domestic trucking, coastal transport, and terminal operation.

Launching Eco-ships to Offer Safe, Clean Transport Services

Next-generation car carriers feature the "FLEXIE" design

MOL takes a proactive stance in reducing the environmental burden of its vessels as we transport environmental-friendly automobiles, achieving improved fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. MOL launched the Courageous Ace in 2003, with a bow that is aerodynamically rounded and beveled along the bow line to help reduce wind resistance. This groundbreaking design results in significant energy savings. In 2012, MOL launched the Emerald Ace, equipped with a solar power generation system and large-scale lithium-ion batteries to help achieve zero emissions while in berth. What's more, heat-insulating paint on the decks increases air conditioning efficiency, an advanced ballast water treatment system contributes to biodiversity conservation, double-hull fuel tanks reduce the risk of fuel oil leakage, and low-friction ship-bottom paint and LED lighting for the hold have been adopted to further enhance energy efficiency. Such initiatives reflect MOL’s ongoing commitment to boosting efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of our operations.
And MOL's eco-ships continue to evolve. For example, on the newbuilding "FLEXIE" series, which will be launched from 2017, the rounded bow design will further reduce wind resistance.

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