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Meeting Diversified Transport Needs with an Advanced Network and Top-quality Services

Containership MOL Commitment

Service Network Covers the World

World Liner NetworkMOL's containership services link the world. Our network of calling ports is among the largest in the world, and is particularly strong in Asia, which has seen tremendous economic expansion, and in South American and African markets, where we have traditionally held an advantage. We are expanding our network with more port coverage and increased service frequency, not only with our own services but also in joint operations with partners. Since 2012, MOL has provided services within the framework of the G6 Alliance on the Asia-Europe-Mediterranean Sea routes, Asia-North America West Coast and East Coast routes, and East-West routes including Transatlantic service.
In April 2017, we concluded a basic agreement to establish a new organization called The Alliance with major carriers in Japan and overseas. We will launch new large-scale, state-of-the-art containerships, which will be assigned to provide even broader port coverage. We plan to increase the number of calling ports in Asia, North America, Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, and Middle East to enhance our direct services, and continue to upgrade our services in markets such as Intra-Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Aiming to Be an Ocean Shipping Company Trusted by Customers

Under the watchword "C.A.R.E." (C=Care for our customers, A=Assure quality, R=Reinforce sales, E=Enhance customer service), MOL is working to provide consistently high-quality, customer-focused services, and proactively disclosing information on route conditions, as part of our day-to-day business and customer service operations. We set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate vessel on-time performance, CO2 emissions, operating safety, and so on. We release these performance results on our website at : www.countonmol.com.

Containership Fleet Covers an Extensive Network

Containership MOL Maneuver

Containership MOL Modern

MOL containership service covers the entire world, using around 100 vessels ranging in capacity from 700 TEUs to 20,000 TEUs, providing competitive services.

Expanding Container Fleet Meets Diversified Demand

MOL has expanded its container fleet in step with the growth of global trade. We go to great lengths to develop specialized containers to meet tremendous growth in demand for transport of more diverse cargoes, such as frozen and refrigerated foods and plant equipment.

Onboard check

Checking a reefer container

Oversized cargo lashed to a specialized container

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