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Taking Customer Satisfaction to New Levels with Group Networks

MOL Logistics Netherlands Office and warehouse (left)/
Transporting heavyweight cargo using one of Utoc's specialized vehicles (right)

Total Logistics Services Concentrate the Power of the MOL Group Network

MOL's logistics network has expanded to 224 locations in 123 cities in 27 countries around the world.
We offer diversified services such as air and ocean freight forwarding, trucking, customs clearance, warehousing, inspection, and heavyweight and oversized cargo transport, as well as buyers’ consolidation. These services take advantage of the distinctive functions of each of our group companies, such as the MOL Logistics Group, Utoc Corporation, and MOL Consolidation Service Ltd.
In recent years, our group has proactively expanded its network in regions such as Southeast Asia and Africa, which are positioned for strong economic growth in the future. We continue pushing forward to enhance service in these regions.
In March 2017, MOL acquired a 20.9% share in PKT Logistics Group Sdn. Bhd., a leader in the Malaysian logistics industry. Through this investment, we will expand our logistics operations in Malaysia while working closely with our global network to more effectively meet customer needs in Asia.
Also, in May 2017, MOL Logistics (Japan) established a branch in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Building upon this foothold in Nairobi, the company will expand its network all over Africa in anticipation of rising demand for logistics services.
As a total logistics service provider, the MOL Group continually meets customer needs, aiming to become their first choice when it comes to logistics.

Air cargo loading operation

One Logistics Hub, owned and operated by PKT

Heavyweight Cargo Transport Brand 'MOL Project & Heavy Cargo'

The MOL Group established the unified "MOL Project & Heavy Cargo" brand in 2015 to meet diverse needs in heavyweight and oversize cargo transport. Our group provides optimal transport services, with a full lineup of vessels – not only containerships, but also multi-purpose vessels that can be loaded by crane with all various types of large-size cargo, and RoRo ships, which offer reliable scheduled sailings.
In addition, our port freight centers feature a broad range of equipment and machinery to simplify the vanning of virtually any cargo. We also provide one-stop services including coastal and land transport, customs clearance, and installation.

Heavyweight cargo transport using a conventional vessel

TraPac Los Angeles Terminal (U.S.)

Tokyo International Container Terminal

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