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Taking Customer Satisfaction to New Levels with Group Networks

MOL Logistics (Hong Kong)

Optimizing Customers' Logistics by Making Full Use of Group Networks

MOL's logistics network has expanded to 241 locations in 115 cities in 22 countries around the world.We have an extensive lineup of services such as air and ocean freight forwarding, trucking, warehousing, and heavyweight and oversized cargo transport, taking advantage of the value-added functions of our group companies such as MOL Logistics and Utoc Corporation.
For example, the buyers consolidation service developed by MOL Consolidation Service (MCS) uses the latest information technology to provide customers with real-time cargo information, reducing logistics costs throughout the supply chain, and enhancing overall transport efficiency. In recent years, we have expanded our networks in growing regions including Southeast Asia, moving aggressively to provide an ever-higher level of service quality.

MOL Logistics (Czech)

Heavyweight cargo transport (Utoc)

Air cargo loading operation

Trucking (MOL Logistics)

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