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The MOL Group identifies social issues (materiality) to be prioritized through its businesses, with the goals of realizing a sustainable society and fulfilling the MOL Group Vision.

Based on enhancement of "Governance," which is foundation of MOL Group management, the group addresses issues of "Safety & Value" and "Environment," while "Innovation" and "Human & Community" are closely inter-related. We strive to improve the group's corporate value through realizing the Group Vision and contribute to realizing a sustainable society by moving forward with these initiatives.

On this website, articles about Mauritius are related to "Environment" and "Human & Community."

MOL Establishes 'MOL Sustainability Plan'

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) established MOL (Mauritius) Ltd. to drive local and international initiatives, overseen by a Trust Enforcers Committee and Fund Steering Committee respectively.

These committees oversee MOL funding contributions of 800 million yen and additional donated funds.

MOL committed to supporting the people and environment of Mauritius in 2020 following the Wakashio incident on the southeast coast of the island of Mauritius.

The below timeline provides an overview of MOL's commitment to Mauritius.

MOL for Mauritius timeline

A documentary of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines's support for Mauritius

Mauritius Blue

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Chapter 1 - WAKASHIO

Chapter 2 - Cradle of Life

Chapter 3 - Blue Economy

Chapter 4 - Toward the Future