The first MOL-dispatched team starts the activities

The first MOL-dispatched team, after completing their 14-day isolation period, began full-scale activities on Wednesday, August 26.

They have examined measures and contributions that MOL can or must do, formulated plans, and put them into action. They listened to the views of more than 50 people representing about 30 organizations in all (Note), including officials from government agencies in both Mauritius and Japan, NGOs and other groups, and the local Japanese Association. The team also participated regularly in local emergency response meetings and worked to gain a thorough grasp of the local situation by gathering information from various perspectives through a designated local shipping agency and gained support to ensure that the team's on-site activities will proceed smoothly.

(Note) As of Monday, September 7

Six members of the second MOL team, who arrived in Mauritius by Sunday, August 30, finished their second round of PCR testing on Saturday, September 5. They are continually engaged in information gathering and holding discussions with concerned parties at their isolation site (a local hotel), in preparation for their activities after Sunday, September 13, when their Mauritius government-mandated isolation period ends.