Delivery ceremony for reefer container

On Friday, September 11, a delivery ceremony for an MOL-donated reefer container(*1) was held at a pier in Port Louis after the MOL car carrier Prominent Ace, the vessel carried the container, arrived in port.
This donation reflects MOL's commitment to supporting the lives of those working in the local fishing industry by helping them develop a cold supply chain(*2) and was based on a request the MOL team received during a meeting with the Minister of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping. We transported a reefer container from Singapore to Port Louis via an MOL car carrier, which was scheduled to call at these ports.

At the delivery ceremony, the Ministry's Director of Fisheries expressed his appreciation and his hopes for economic support for the fisheries industry in the future. The leader of the MOL team pledged our continued support for Mauritius.

In addition to planning of the optimal location for the reefer container, MOL pledges ongoing efforts on support for local communities and people such as those who depend on the fishing business.

(*1) MOL donated a 40ft (about 12m) container. Refrigeration temperature can be set in the container.

(*2) The donation of the container ensures that marine products can be refrigerated as soon as possible after they are caught and preserved before shipping. The container will help local fishermen who, due to the oil spill, must now go further out to sea to harvest their catch.

Reefer container delivery ceremony