Origami classroom sessions held at local schools

On Tuesday, October 6, members of the MOL-dispatched team visited two local schools. At the Special Education Needs (SEN) School they visited in the morning, they created paper airplanes with the children and then went outdoors to see them fly. We also presented other origami works made by the team leader that the students could play with, such as cranes and shuriken throwing stars.
That afternoon, they visited an Elementary School in Mahebourg and presented three origami classroom sessions for fifth- and sixth-grade students. A total of nine team members from MOL took part in the sessions as the origami teacher and assistants, helping all the students fold their own origami cranes. In addition, they donated several books to both schools with their best wishes for local children who were temporarily restricted from playing outside due to the oil spill.
The MOL team on site will continue activities to listen to the voices of local citizens.

Commemorative shot with staff of the SEN School
The team leader (center) holding message cards presented by children, together with members and others concerned of the dispatched team wearing T-shirts with MOL original design (logo and copy are selected from employee submissions).
Cranes and shuriken throwing stars presented to the students
Presenting the origami classroom session at the elementary school (left);
on the right is an MOL team's handmade framed collection of origami presented to the school along with books.