Distribution of original T-shirts and facemasks

On Friday, October 16, and Monday, 26th, our original T-shirts and facemasks, prepared by MOL, were distributed at the oil spill cleanup site. The T-shirt distribution was based on a proposal from local people after members of the MOL-dispatched team met and exchanged opinions with many residents and groups. The T-shirts are mainly for local citizens, including fishermen who are involved in the cleanup work, to wear as the inner layer of their personal protective equipment (PPE).
The design was selected from among ideas submitted through an MOL internal process in September, and we entrusted a local company in Mauritius with production and delivery. Then all the team members visited the cleanup site to distribute the items.
At the event, the team leader introduced our company, explained the intent of the distribution, and then handed out the unique T-shirts and cloth face masks to many appreciative recipients. We received exceptionally good reviews from local people regarding the design of the blue and white T-shirts. The colors were determined after consultation with the local company about local people's favorite colors. The site was bustling as some cleanup workers changed into their new T-shirts, and some wanted to save the shirts for their families.
This is a small initiative, but we will keep doing our best with other local dispatched teams to conduct activities that convey MOL's wishes directly to local residents.

MOL dispatched team members distributing T-shirts and facemasks, and people involved in the cleanup work gathered to receive them (October 16)

People on site and MOL-dispatched team members in the original T-shirts (October 26)

Original T-shirts and facemasks with a design based on ideas solicited from inside MOL, and MOL logo mark.
The copy on T-shirts says "We love Mauritius" with "M" in the colors of national flag of Mauritius. "Blue" out of four colors of the flag is said to be representing the Indian Ocean.
These items will also be sold internally to MOL personnel, and the proceeds will be donated for environmental recovery and social contribution of and for Mauritius.