Handover ceremony for oil absorbents

A ceremony on Thursday, November 5, marked the handover of oil absorbents donated by Japanese companies to the Mauritius Port Authority (MPA). The MOL dispatched team was on hand, as our company transported the materials. Supplies and equipment have been presented several times since late August.
At this ceremony, MPA Chairman Maistry Ramalingum talked about the dispatched teams' support activities since the incident occurred, and expressed his appreciation for the Japanese companies(*) that contribute to MPA operations through the donation of oil absorbents. The leader of the MOL team also addressed the ceremony, saying it was an honor to attend as a representative of the company transporting the materials, and then signed the handover document.
The MOL Group continues to contribute to environmental restoration efforts in Mauritius, not only through the activities of the dispatched team, but also by transporting supplies to the site from Japan and other countries.

(*) In this case, oil absorbents were provided by the three companies of Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd., Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., and NEOS COMPANY LIMITED. In August, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. has also provided materials, which have already been presented to a local organization involved in the cleanup.
The materials to be transported are determined based on local needs, but we have also been receiving offers of materials from many other companies.

Packages of materials
MPA Chairman Maistry Ramalingum and MOL dispatched team leader shake hands.
Signing the handover document.
A group shot after the ceremony.