Ceremony marking donation of containers to NGO

On Friday, November 13, and November 20, MOL donated four containers to NGO EcoMode Society (*), which is engaged in environmental protection activities, and the MOL-dispatched team was on hand for the handover ceremonies.
Since the needs of containers came up in the meeting with EcoMode Society in mid-October, MOL team have arranging all procedures, from securing used dry containers and completing onsite exterior and interior work to foundation work and determining the delivery route to the site. Thanks to this donation, the containers will serve as a warehouse for materials used to monitor coral, as well as a workshop and conference center as part of the coral transplantation and reproduction project led by EcoMode Society.
MOL plans to continue steady, long-term efforts to support various groups including EcoMode Society, as a part of our contributions to restoring the environment in Mauritius.

First day of groundwork and iInstallation (November 13)
Commemorative shot in front of the donated containers after all four containers installed
(Center is Nadeem Nazurally, President of EcoMode Society, and MOL dispatched team members on both sides)

(*) EcoMode Society is a Mauritius-based group established as gathering of volunteers in 2012. It began full-scale activities as an NGO in 2016.The group focuses mainly on ocean environmental protection such as beach cleanup and coral faming.