Procuring supplies and equipment, transporting them to the site

MOL has procured supplies and equipment (*) used to collect and remove leaked oil and arranged for emergency transport. The first items arrived on the site on Sunday, August 23. The six MOL members on the site are in discussions with some of the organizations involved to ensure their effective use in the necessary spots. They received thanks from government leaders including the vice prime minister at the incident emergency response meeting. The second shipment of items were to be scheduled to arrive around Friday, August 28. We will continue planning to provide necessary items for on-site cleanup of the oil spill.

In addition, MOL is arranging a 40ft (about 12meters) reefer container for the site, at the request of those involved with the local fishing industry. In addition, we also plan to send supplies and equipment by container. We will use our car carriers to transport other items.

(*) Oil absorbents, protective suits, helmets, gloves, dust-proof glasses, facemasks, etc.

We will continue to update our activities on this page. MOL and the shipowner are committed to addressing the situation as soon as possible, in cooperation with concerned authorities of Mauritius and Japan.