Delivering Christmas presents to local families with NGO

On December 22, together with the NGO Precious Plastic Mauritius (*) (founder: Mr. Valery de Falbaire), MOL delivered Christmas presents to 9 families living in extreme poverty in the deprived areas of Mahebourg, located on the South-East part of Mauritius. The organization is collaborating with other inhabitants of the area to help those families in addition to its major activity of recycling plastic waste. The MOL dispatched team in Mauritius joined their initiatives and helped them by giving our original Mauritius T-shirts and masks. The children and their families also received toys and cookies. MOL will continue to cooperate with the NGO to support deprived families in the region.

(*) Precious Plastic Mauritius is an NGO based in Mahebourg that collects plastic waste and recycles it into plastic products. Once a week, using a bicycle with a trailer they collect plastic from local homes and beach clean-ups, and then recycle the plastic into colorful coasters and accessories. They are currently producing small objects by recycling plastic on a trial basis in a small workshop in a residential area. In January 2021, they will establish a new workshop with larger equipment in a state-run site where a youth training camp is established. They will make tables, chairs and other items from recycled plastic. MOL donated a container house as this workshop. At this workshop, training for plastic manufacturing and sales techniques will be given to fishermen in the Mahebourg area, where the facility is located.

A shot with the family after handing over presents
(Members in the original T-shirts are Mr. Valery de Falbaire (left end) and MOL dispatched team)
Prepared presents