Cooperation with local NGO in mangrove research and conservation

Reef Conservation(*) is a Mauritius-based NGO engaged in environmental conservation of the nation's coastline and lagoon through community conservation, research, and education. Considering the environmental impact of the oil spill, MOL decided to donate to the organization and cooperate in its project to survey and protect mangrove forests.
MOL asked Dr. Toyohiko Miyagi, a mangrove expert who also played a key role as a member of the Japanese government's Disaster Relief Team immediately after the incident, to join the field survey and supervise the project. In cooperation with Dr. Miyagi, we plan to apply advanced Japanese technologies in the NGO's mangrove monitoring program. We will work with Reef Conservation to restore a healthier environment than before the incident by supporting ecological surveys of mangrove forests, not only in areas contaminated by the incident, but throughout Mauritius.

Francois Baguette, Project Coordinator at Reef Conservation, measuring mangrove trees during post-oil-spill field surveys with the JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) team members to quantify the impact of the oil spill on mangrove ecosystems.
Dr. Toyohiko Miyagi, shown here developing a mangrove topographical profile during post-oil-spill field surveys, also helped train the Mauritian survey team in these procedures.
Reef Conservation's mangrove display is showcased at an educational event for local children to raise awareness about the importance of mangrove conservation.

(*) Reef Conservation website