Distribution of food packs to families in need

A resurgence of COVID-19 infections has made life more difficult for people in the region who had already faced difficult economic and social conditions since the first lockdown in March 2020, including fishermen (registered and non-registered) and boatmen who were also severely impacted by the oil spill.

On Tuesday, March 30, MOL (Mauritius) Ltd. decided to fund a project to distribute food to more than 60 families in the Mahebourg area during this critical lockdown period, in collaboration with Caritas Mauritius(*1) and Celero Ltd.(*2).

(*1) Caritas Mauritius: a Mauritius-based international non-government organization (NGO) that serves vulnerable citizens and works to assist those in need.

(*2) Celero Ltd.: an independent logistics group based in Mauritius and has been supporting MOL as a local agent after the incident.

Each family was provided with a food pack containing necessary supplies for two weeks including rice, lentils, cooking oil, canned food, milk, cereals, and biscuits as well as hygiene products, toothpaste, soap, toilet tissue, and sanitary pads.

With support from Celero Ltd., which provided transport assistance and three team members to help, MOL (Mauritius) Ltd. was able to visit and distribute food packs in economically distressed villages surrounding Mahebourg: Bambous Virieux, Grand Sable, St. Hubert, and St. Hilaire. Half of the food packs were also dedicated to extremely hard-hit areas such as Cite la Chaux, Cite Tole, and Titanic.

Members from MOL (Mauritius) Ltd., Caritas Mauritius, and Celero Ltd. prepare food packs at Notre Dame des Anges Church in Mahebourg.
Food packs included basic food and hygiene products.
Distributing food packs in Bambous Virieux
Distribution of food packs for Grand Sable

The oil spill incident in August 2020 occurred under the the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. MOL is committed to ongoing activities to support the lives of local people who are still subject to various restrictions.