Holding online event for MOL Group company executives and employees in Japan and overseas to memorialize the Wakashio incident

We have marked a year since the case of the July 25, 2020, grounding of Wakashio off Mauritius and the oil spill incident.

To memorialize the Wakashio incident, we held online events on Monday, July 26 and Friday, July 30, for MOL Group company executives and employees in Japan and overseas, respectively. The events were aimed at once again recognizing the group’s social responsibility for the incident and committing ourselves to preventing the reoccurrence of similar incidents.

The Mauritius Environmental and Social Contribution Team, founded in September of last year, served as the event moderator. Followed by an animated film that was produced for internal education after the incident, the team shared many comments from the viewpoints of third parties such as experts in Japan and overseas and local organizations that support our environmental recovery and social contribution activities in Mauritius, through a video produced especially for the memorial day. In addition, our colleagues working for MOL (Mauritius) Ltd., the local subsidiary in Mauritius were connected online for some words, and President & CEO Takeshi Hashimoto looked back on the incident and emphasized the mindset we must have. All MOL Group participants in the event renewed their determination to continually take measures to prevent such incidents, utilizing the lessons learned from the incident, and implement the environmental recovery and social responsibility activities underway in Mauritius.

We pledge to continue these activities under the belief that the MOL Group must be an organization that consistently goes a step beyond when it comes to initiatives on safety and the environment, while never letting the Wakashio incident fade from our collective memory.

Opening remarks by MOL President & CEO Takeshi Hashimoto
A relay session with MOL (Mauritius) Ltd.
(at left is MOL (Mauritius) Ltd. Representative Goro Yamashita)