MOL Charitable Trust launches its first call

MOL Charitable Trust (the Fund), established in Mauritius in June 2021, started its first call for the period from September 7 to 27. The Fund was established with the goal of supporting social and environmental projects in line with the intent of the Fund, among activities mainly in southeast Mauritius region.

In addition, on September 7, the official event for start of the call was held at a restaurant in Mah├ębourg, under the auspices of the local steering committee of the Fund. Among those on hand for the event were government and international organization officials, including His Excellency Mr. Shuichiro Kawaguchi, the Ambassador of Japan to Mauritius, Her Excellency Ms. Christine Umutoni, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Mauritius, the Honourable Ms. Naveena Ramyad, the Chief Government Whip and a Member of Parliament, the Honourable Mr. Stephan Toussaint, the Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation and a Member of Parliament, and His Excellency Mr. Eddy Boissezon, the Vice President of the Republic of Mauritius.

The event also served to introduce NPO members to information such as guidelines on how to submit applications required for support from the Fund.

MOL will continue to support activities that contribute to restoring and protecting the natural environment of Mauritius and contributing to the nation and its people through the Fund.

(Note) Please refer to the June 21 press release for information about the Fund and application.

Members of the local steering committee of MOL Charitable Trust
From left: Dr. Jimmy Harmon (independent researcher in history, heritage language, and identity construction, Mauritius Intercontinental Slavery Museum Director), Mr. Marc Dalais (Executive Chairman of Celero Ltd), Mr. Goro Yamashita (Managing Director of MOL (Mauritius) Ltd.), and Mr. Darmen Ellayah (Environmental Risk Management Specialist and Active Social Worker)
From left: Mr. Stephan Toussaint (Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation, Member of Parliament) and Ms. Naveena Ramyad (Chief Government Whip, Member of Parliament), Mr. Shuichiro Kawaguchi (Ambassador of Japan to Mauritius), Mr. Eddy Boissezon (Vice President of the Republic of Mauritius), and Ms. Christine Umutoni (United Nations Resident Coordinator in Mauritius)