Funding for a project to build a new nursery facility by local NGO (2)

On Tuesday, August 31, 2021, a social event was held with local children at Mahébourg Espoir Education Centre (MEEC), located in Cité La Chaux, an area of Mahébourg, which was hit by the oil spill incident, and many of local residents work in the fishing industry. Among those in attendance at the event were His Excellency Mr. Shuichiro Kawaguchi, the Ambassador of Japan to Mauritius, Mr. Francis de La Haye, the President of Mahébourg Espoir, and Mr. Goro Yamashita, the Managing Director of MOL (Mauritius) Ltd.

Mahébourg Espoir is a local NGO that supports the city's economically disadvantaged residents, and operates MEEC, an educational facility for children from low-income families who could otherwise not attend school.

In December of last year, MOL decided to provide financial assistance for projects led by Mahébourg Espoir including establishment of a new nursery to accommodate more such children within MEEC.
(Please refer to the December 25, 2020, update on this page.)

This project includes renovation of an existing nursery school, providing educational materials, daily breakfasts and lunches, and transportation to school for children. Currently, 26 children are benefitting from this project.

MOL will continue its activities to contribute to local communities together with local people in Mauritius.

MEEC staff, children, Mr. Shuichiro Kawaguchi (Ambassador of Japan to Mauritius, center),
Mr. Francis de La Haye (President of Mahébourg Espoir, right), and Mr. Goro Yamashita (Managing Director of MOL (Mauritius) Ltd., left)

Having lunch with MEEC staff and children in the school cafeteria after distributing small gifts