Second Dialogue with environmental NGOs and experts

On Monday, September 6, MOL hosted our second online roundtable discussion on environmental issues in Mauritius with attendance of related persons, including officials of environmental NGOs engaging in international activities and experts in environmental issues, from a total of eight companies and organizations.
MOL presented a video explaining our initiatives to recover the environment in Mauritius and social contribution efforts, and listened to a wide range of their opinions on MOL’s future action plans, safety measures, and sustainability issues.

MOL will continue its measures to support and contribute to Mauritius from multiple perspectives while drawing upon the insightful advices from the roundtable participants.

We showed a video introducing examples of MOL's initiatives, the Mauritius Fund (*), and current conditions in local areas.
Lower left: Site around Pointe du Diable; Lower right: Site around Mahebourg / Oil-spilled sites as of July 4, 2021)

(*) Please refer to the June 21, 2021, press release for information on the Fund and its application.