Children Receive Picture Books Produced in Mauritius

On Thursday, March 17, 2022, a presentation ceremony for the picture book "WAKASHIO-OIL SPILL IN PARADISE- (Note 1)" about the Wakashio grounding and oil spill incident, was held at the headquarters of NGO Ti Rayons Soleil (Note 2) in Vacoas-Phoenix, a town in inland Mauritius, with the attendance of Mr. Goro Yamashita, the Managing Director of MOL (Mauritius) Ltd.

MOL presented 150 picture books to children as a part of the education programs provided by Ti Rayons Soleil and Livina Foundation (Note 3). The book is written in both English and French. At the ceremony, we invited a teacher of Mauritius Creole (Note 4) to read the book in the language to children, explaining the background of the incident in an easy-to-understand way.

Mrs. Bérengère Series (Founder and Director of Ti Rayons Soleil, at center in the photo on the left) welcomes children
and explains why we held the presentation ceremony and presented the picture book to children.

Mrs. Godelive Coigny (Founder of Livina Foundation, at right in the photo) and Mr. Goro Yamashita (Managing Director of MOL (Mauritius) Ltd., at right rear in the photo) receive a thank-you gift from the children.

(Note 1) Please refer to the April 2, 2021, news "Picture Book about Oil Spill Published in Mauritius" for the background of the "WAKASHIO-OIL SPILL IN PARADISE-" production and the relationship between the book and MOL.

(Note 2) Ti Rayons Soleil is a non-governmental organization established in 2007 to support children suffering from poverty and households in a vulnerable position. Its final objective is to eliminate poverty through provision of educational opportunities such as after-school lectures and pre-primary education and support such as medical and dietary assistance.

(Note 3) Livina Foundation was established in 2014 to provide educational and psychosocial support to children in disadvantaged environments. Other objectives include construction and repair work on infant care facilities, medical support for children in a vulnerable position, and establishment of temporary infrastructure.

(Note 4) Mauritius Creole is a French-based language widely spoken in Mauritius.