MOL Charitable Trust Hosts Educational NGO Roundtable Meeting

On Friday, June 3, 2022, the MOL Charitable Trust ("the Trust") (Note) held a roundtable meeting of local education-related NGOs.

Like previous events related to agricultural projects and mangrove conservation activities, this meeting was also aimed at sharing knowledge among local NGOs and helping them establish and expand their networks. The participants of the meeting included representatives of 10 local NGOs that had received grants from the Trust and work in the field of education in Mauritius, as well as Mr. Goro Yamashita, Managing Director of MOL (Mauritius) Ltd., who serves as Chairman of the Trust's Enforcers Committee.
During the meeting, the NGO representatives shared current status of their projects, experience, and expertise, and developed a cooperative atmosphere, marking a good start toward the promotion of all their activities.

Through the Trust, MOL will continually support to expand educational opportunities for the people of Mauritius.

Voices of the NGOs

Annick Leung Seong - Representative of Mission Verte

"Our project has two elements: Placing trash separation/collection boxes, and at the same time, raising environmental protection awareness of people in Southeast Mauritius. We think this will be an opportunity to think about a recycling economic model, by reducing waste and making maximum efforts on recycling."

About Mission Verte
An NGO that manages waste and raises awareness of recycling in the southeast area of the island.

Cindy Constance Zamire - Representative of Bonheur Associated aux Enfants

"Our project, called 'Happy Children,' distributes lunch packs to 65 children who go to different schools in the area every day. I feel the possibility of accelerating our project and greater cooperation among NGOs in the future by connecting with other NGOs at this meeting."

About Bonheur Associated aux Enfants
An NGO that works with to enable children and satisfy their basic needs based on a commitment to provide fair opportunities to all children.

Priscilla Bignoux - Representative of Action Familiale

"We implement life skill projects to help local people acquire necessary skills for life. We provide training programs for couples and parent-children because we aim to assume influence not one by one, but on the entire family."

About Action Familiale
An NGO that provides programs such as counseling sessions for parents and their children to promote stable, harmonious family life.

Claire Stout - Representative of Precious Plastic Mauritius

"It is very wonderful to hold a roundtable meeting for NGOs like this one. We engage in increasing awareness of plastics recycling through education. We make presentations about the environment, recycling, the value of plastics, and what we create from waste and give new life."

About Precious Plastic Mauritius
An NGO that holds workshops and programs for local residents to educate them about plastic pollution, recycling, and start-up of businesses.

Ferozia Hosaneea - Representative of Youth With Disabilities Empowerment Platform (YWDEP)

"Our project is related to acriculture, and helps young people take responsibility for the environment by teaching them how to cultivate crops. Networking is very important in charitable projects and the environmental field, and this meeting was indispensable."

About Youth With Disabilities Empowerment Platform (YWDEP)
An NGO that provides training programs related to the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and other plants for young people with disabilities.

Zoe Rozar - Representative of Biodiversity Preservation

"I feel we can create more sophisticated, simple projects through discussions with other NGO representatives, and expect we can accomplish a big thing we cannot do alone by cooperating with each other. Our project aims to encourage young people to contbribute to the enviornment and biodiversity, so that they will become leaders of change."

About Biodiversity Preservation
An NGO that conducts activities with a vision-protect biodiversity, and restore the food system through sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Bérengère Series - Representative of Ti Rayon Soleil

"We cannot carry out our project independently, and cooperation with other NGOs is indispensable. I think this meeting is very important in terms of developing networks among NGOs. Our project has been in progress smoothly, and construction of the school was completed, and now we are just waiting for permission from the ministry to open the shool."

About Ti Rayon Soleil
An NGO that supports poverty-stricken women and helps them participate in society and works to promote revitalization of communities, childhood education, and so on.

Fabrice Nullacootee - Representative of Zenes San Frontier

"Our project is to establish a music school by bringing together children in the Cité La Chaux area and supporting them in academic learning. We work to help children stay away from the crime and drugs running rampant in the area by providing opportunities to experience music in cooperation with the young people who are doing music activities locally."

About Zenes San Frontier
An NGO that was formed mainly by young people who engage in various social activities such as the environment, poverty, education, leisure and sports, and drug eradication.

(Note) Please refer to the press release dated June 21, 2021 and the post dated December 24, 2021 of this page "MOL Charitable Trust selected projects for funding" for information on the Trust and its selected grant recipients.

From Japan, members of MOL Environment and Sustainability Strategy Division (Mauritius Environmental and Social Contribution Team) also joined the meeting online.
We heard many positive comments on the meeting, such as, "Synergetic effects can be created by NGOs cooperating with each other."