MOL Charitable Trust Organizes NGO Meeting Related to Mangrove Conservation Activities

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022, the MOL Charitable Trust ("the Trust in Mauritius") (Note 1) held a roundtable meeting with concerned local NGOs and experts under the theme of the mangrove conservation.

This meeting, the second on the mangrove conservation, was attended by the representatives of five local NGOs (Note 2) that had received grants from the Trust in Mauritius and a Japanese delegation from the International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME) (Note 3) that had received grants from the authorized public trust "MOL Mauritius International Fund for Natural Environment Recovery and Sustainability" ("the Trust in Japan") (Note 4), and was held as an exchange meeting with the objective of future collaboration.

ISME presented the latest research results on mangrove-specific ecosystems that are important for coastal flora, fauna, and coastline protection, as well as research methods using tidal science and laser technology. Participants exchanged opinions on various topics, including issues related to the protection of mangroves in Mauritius and efforts underway to protect them.

Through the Trust in Mauritius and the Trust in Japan, MOL will continue to support conservation activities for the mangrove ecosystem in Mauritius.

(Note 1) Please refer to the press release dated June 21, 2021 and the post dated December 24, 2021 of this page "MOL Charitable Trust selected projects for funding" for information on the Trust and its selected grant recipients.

(Note 2) Participant NGOs

  • Foundation Resources and Nature (FORENA)
    Provides training programs for conservation and cultivation of mangroves and other endangered plant species, focusing on women in the southeastern part of the island.
  • Ocean Connect
    Aims to restore mangroves and shellfish through mangrove forest planting.
  • Reef Conservation Society
    Strives to protect and restore coastal areas and the marine environment in Mauritius.
  • Ferney Valley Conservation Trust
    Engages in activities to conserve epidemic species and endangered species plants in the islands.
  • Association for Sustainable Development (ADD)
    Aims to improve living standards, particularly in poor areas in the southeastern part of the island, and provide assistance to local residents through enlightenment about the protection of coastal areas including mangrove cultivation and skill development.

(Note 3) International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME)
Established in 1990, ISME is an international NPO that has been engaged in mangrove restoration and conservation activities, as well as surveys, research, dissemination, awareness-raising and training activities, and the dissemination of information related to these activities in various parts of the world.

(Note 4) For details on the authorized public trust "MOL Mauritius International Fund for Natural Environment Recovery and Sustainability," please refer to the following website.
The authorized public trust "MOL Mauritius Interna tional Fund for Natural Environment Recovery and Sustainability" (

Mr. Toyohiko Miyagi (*) delivered a lecture presenting his latest research focusing on mangrove-specific ecosystems.
Lively exchange of opinions

(*) Toyohiko Miyagi

  • Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University, Doctor of Science
  • Professor Emeritus, Department of Regional Design, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Tohoku-Gakuin University
  • Vice President, Japan Society for Mangroves
  • Representative, Geo Customize Mapping Unit
  • Chief Engineer, Advantechnology Co., Ltd.
  • Technical Advisor, NITTOC CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD
  • GJapan Disaster Relief, Third Team of Experts to Republic of Mauritius, Mangrove Ecologist in 2020