MOL Charitable Trust Participates Launch Ceremony for NGO's Boat

On Saturday, October 15, 2022, the local NGO "Mouvement Bien-Etre de la Cite la Chaux" (MBECC) (Note 1), a recipient of a grant from the MOL Charitable Trust ("the Trust") (Note 2), held a launching ceremony for its fishing boat, The MOL Vansouet. MOL (Mauritius) Ltd. Managing Director Goro Yamashita, who serves Chairperson of the Trust's Enforcers Committee, was on hand for the event.

The MOL Vansouet was newly built by MBECC with the objective of training fishermen from the Mahebourg area in southeastern Mauritius in fishing skills outside the lagoon. The catch outside the lagoon is expected to be of a different type and more abundant in the coastal areas, and further development of the local fishing industry is anticipated. The name Vansouet means "southeast wind" in Creole (Note 3). It is a technical term often used by local fishermen, and the vessel was named with hopes for the further development of the fishing industry in the area.

Through the Trust, MOL will continue to support the development of the fishing industry in Mauritius and support for the local community.

(Note 1) Mouvement Bien-Etre de la Cite la Chaux (MBEC)
An NGO established to promote the welfare of people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in Mahebourg area of southeastern Mauritius.

(Note 2) Please refer to the press release dated June 21,2021, and the post dated December 24, 2021: [MOL Charitable Trust selected projects for funding], and the Fund page on the web site.

(Note 3) Mauritius Creole is a French-based language widely spoken in Mauritius.

Mr. Shuichiro Kawaguchi, Ambassador of Japan to Mauritius (seventh from left), MOL (Mauritius) Ltd. Managing Director Goro Yamashit (fourth from left), Members of the local steering committee of MOL Charitable Trust From, Mr. Marc Dalais (Executive Chairman of Celero Ltd) (left) and Dr. Jimmy Harmon (independent researcher in history, heritage language, and identity construction, Mauritius Intercontinental Slavery Museum Director) (third from right)
A boat tour was also held on the day of the event.