MOL Charitable Trust Hosts a networking meeting on Education with NGOs

On Thursday, July 20, the MOL Charitable Trust (the "Trust") (Note) held a roundtable meeting of local education-related NGOs.

It was the second roundtable meeting, following last year’s event, with the objective of sharing knowledge and boosting cooperation among local NGOs. The theme of this year's roundtable was "The Role of Parents in Education and Effective Involvement," and participants included representatives of 14 local organizations working in the field of education and members of the Trust's Committee of Enforcers.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Jimmy Harmon, an enforcer of the Trust's Committee, noted that parental roles are not limited to mothers and fathers; depending on the situation, grandparents, siblings, or other relatives may take on these roles, and emphasized the importance of recognizing the definition of parents in each situation as each organization conducts its activities.

Mrs. Angel Anne-Lise Charlot Colomès, an educational psychologist who participated online from Canada, emphasized on the importance to supportgrowth and care about the psychological needs of children for a healthierschool experience.
Some of the organizations also presented progress reports on their projects, and there was a lively question-and-answer session among the participants.

Through the Trust, MOL will continuously support the expansion of educational opportunities for the people of Mauritius.

(Note) For more information on the Trust and grantees, please refer to the June 21, 2021, press release, and the page of "Funding" website.

Mr. Kazuhiko Sugano (Chairperson of the Trust's enforcers committee and Managing Director of MOL (Mauritius) Ltd.) (front row, left), Mr. Darmen Ellayah, enforcer(front row, second from left) and Dr. Jimmy Harmon, enforcer (front row, third from left) and representative of NGOs, trustee, and MOL Mauritius (behind)