MOL Charitable Trust Hosts NGO Networking Meeting to Promote Women's Empowerment

On Tuesday, October 10, 2023, the MOL Charitable Trust (the Trust) (Note 1) held a networking meeting on the advancement and promotion of women. The objective was to build connections among NGOs to share best practices and further develop their projects to promote the status and advancement of women. On hand for the event were representatives of local NGOs that promote the empowerment of women, as well as steering committee members of the MOL Mauritius International Fund for Natural Environment Recovery and Sustainability (the Fund) (Note 2).

The meeting featured presentations by two NGOs—one from Gender Links Mauritius (Note 3) on activities to promote gender equality and the advancement of women in Mauritius, and the other from Revey Twa (Note 4) introducing a support program for women and children from vulnerable backgrounds living in Mahebourg and Vieux-Grand-Port. After the presentations, participants had a lively exchange of ideas on how to cooperate in efforts to improve the status of women and promote their success.

The materials from the day's presentations are available at the following links (English)
- Gender Links Mauritius
- Revey Twa

Through the Trust and the Fund, MOL will continue to support projects and programs to improve the status of women and promote active roles for them in Mauritius.

(Note 1) For information on the Trust, please refer to June 21, 2021, press release, and the website's "Funding" page.

(Note 2) For information on the authorized public trust "MOL Mauritius International Fund for natural Environment Recovery and Sustainability," please refer to: December 1, 2021 press release, May 12, 2022, press release, and the website's "Funding" page.

(Note 3) Gender Links Mauritius
Gender Links - For Equality and Justice
A local NGO that promotes activities to support women's participation in society with the main objective of alleviating poverty. A grant recipient of the Fund, the program is supporting women in the southeastern region of the island to improve their career skills for two years, beginning April 2022. For more information, please refer to the Fund website.

(Note 4) Revey Twa
An organization that assists people from vulnerable backgrounds in the southeastern region of the island, and is particularly focused on the empowerment of women. A grant recipient of the Fund, the organization provides training to unemployed women in the region for the year 2023 to help them re-enter the workforce.

Presentation by Revey Twa