The Mangroves Platform for Sharing of Information in Mauritius supported by MOL Mauritius International Fund and MOL Charitable Trust

On Wednesday, November 8 and Thursday 9, Reef Conservation(Note 1) and the International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME)(Note 2), which receives grant support from the authorized public trust MOL Mauritius International Fund for Natural Environment Recovery and Sustainability (the "Fund")(Note 3) and the MOL Charitable Trust (the "Trust")(Note 4), held a workshop called "SOS Mangroves: Strategies for Restoration and Conservation" as part of their environmental conservation activities. The two-day workshop was an important first step toward strengthening the relationship between Mauritius and Japan for mangrove conservation.

The first day's program was held at Preskil Island Resort, where presentations focused on the challenges and opportunities specific to mangrove conservation in Mauritius. In addition to Reef Conservation and ISME, officials and reserchers from the University of Mauritius and the Association Pour le Development Durable (ADD)(Note 5) also attended the program. All participants gained a deeper understanding of priority research issues and scientific approaches to mangrove conservation through dialogue and roundtable discussions with experts from Japan at the workshop as the parties strive to build a cooperative framework.

On the second day, the participants conducted fieldwork in the mangrove forests along the mouth of the Ferney River, where they reaffirmed the important role of mangroves through observation of the ecosystems inhabiting the mangrove forests.

The mangrove ecosystem plays an extremely important role in protecting the coastline from wave erosion and serving as spawning grounds that support the biodiversity of coastal lagoons. Through both trusts, MOL will continue its support of the protection and restoration of mangrove forests in Mauritius.

(Note 1) Reef Conservation
NGO aiming to protect and restore coastal areas and the marine environment in Mauritius. For details, please refer to the Fund's website.

(Note 2) International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME)
Established in 1990, ISME is an international NPO that has been engaged in mangrove restoration and conservation activities, as well as surveys, research, publication, awareness-raising and training activities, and the dissemination of information related to these activities in various parts of the world. For details, please refer to the Fund's website.

(Note 3) For information on the Trust, please refer to December 1, 2021, press release, May 12, 2022 press release, and the website's "Funding" page.

(Note 4) For information on the Fund, please refer to  June 21, 2021, press release and the website's "Funding" page.

(Note 5) Association Pour le Development Durable (ADD)
NGO aiming to improve living standards, particularly in poor areas in the southeastern part of Mauritius, and provide assistance to local residents through enlightenment about the protection of coastal areas including mangrove cultivation and skill development.

Fieldwork around the Ferney River on Thursday, November 9, 2023.