Energy Transport(Offshore Business)

Our vessels play active roles in marine resource development
and offshore energy production.
Some vessels are berthed offshore to produce crude oil and gas.
Some serve as LNG receiving terminals, and more.
This section introduces a wide array of vessels involved in our offshore business.

Energy Transport(Offshore Business)

Broadening the Offshore Business Field

Originally offshore business were focused on floating production, storage and offloading systems (FPSOs) and floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs), which are vessels that operate at a fixed offshore site instead of sailing as a transport vessel.

However, in recent years, many offshore wind farms are being developed far from land, increasing the demand of a variety of vessels for supporting the installation and maintenance of wind turbines and transporting maintenance personnel.

Vessels Play Key Roles in Crude Oil and Gas Production
Vessels Serve as LNG Receiving/Regasification Terminals
Vessels Playing Essential Roles in Decarbonizing Society