Third Dialogue with environmental NGOs and experts

On Tuesday September 27, 2022, our third roundtable discussion on environmental issues in Mauritius was taken place with the attendance of related persons, including officials of environmental NGOs engaging in international activities and experts in environmental issues, from a total of nine companies and organizations.
MOL held the event in a hybrid format with both in-person and online participation, and explained our efforts to protect and restore the environment in Mauritius and contribute to local communities, and took the opportunity to introduce the "MOL Sustainability Plan"(Note), which was announced in April 2022. We received a wide range of useful opinions from the participants.

MOL will continue supports to the environment and people of Mauritius with utilizing the valuable advices received at the event as much as possible and seeking guidance from a wide range of experts.

(Note) For information on the "MOL Sustainability Plan," please refer to April 18, 2022 press release.

At the roundtable, we explained the Fund (*) and also broadcasts live from Mauritius.

(*) For information on the Fund, please refer to the Fund page on the website.