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MOL Establishes 'MOL Sustainability Plan'

April 18, 2022

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Takeshi Hashimoto) today announced the establishment of the "MOL Sustainability Plan" as an initiative to realize a sustainable society and improve corporate value. In establishing the plan, the company partially reviewed "Sustainability Issues (materiality)" that the MOL Group must prioritize through its businesses, and set specific targets/KPIs/action plans linked to each issue.

For details of the plan, please refer to the explanatory materials on the following URL.

1. Review of Sustainability Issues

The MOL Group defined and identified social issues to prioritize through its businesses as Sustainability Issues in 2019. Last year, two years after this identification process, it reviewed some of these Sustainability Issues, based on changes in the group's business environment, in addition to changes in the social environment such as climate change and human rights. It clarified approaches to MOL Group "safety" and focuses on its aim of "active roles for all people" and "coexistence with all people" who are involved in group businesses as well as MOL Group executives and employees.

[Sustainability Issues (after review)]

[Conceptual diagram of Sustainability Issues]

2. Establishment of targets/KPIs/action plans related to Sustainability Issues

The MOL Group believes it indispensable to address "Sustainability Issues" as it moves to realize its "Group Vision" (Note 1). It set targets/KPIs/action plans related to each issue with the objective of strengthening initiatives on specific issues and appropriately conducting measurements of effectiveness and improvement activities. Progress on the plan will regularly be reported on the website, integrated report, and so on.
The MOL Group will solve "Sustainability Issues" by steadily fulfilling the plan under the organizational structure centered on the Environment & Sustainability Committee, aiming to increase group-wide corporate value through realization of the "Group Vision." The group will also contribute to realizing a sustainable society through these efforts.

(Note 1)
The MOL Group states, "We will develop a variety of social infrastructure businesses in addition to traditional shipping businesses, and will meet the evolving social needs, including environmental conservation, with innovative technology and services. The MOL Group aims to be a strong and resilient corporate group that provides new value to all stakeholders and grows globally," in the MOL Group Vision.
Please refer to the April 1, 2021, press release:
"MOL Revises Corporate Mission, Group Vision, and Group Values (MOL CHART"S")"