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Containership Business

Ocean Network Express (ONE)

Containership ONE COMMITMENT

Outline of Services

Ocean Network Express (ONE) was established by integrating the container liner businesses of MOL, Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK), and Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha ("K" Line) and commenced service in April 2018. The total fleet capacity after the integration is 1.8 million TEUs, the world's sixth largest (as of December 2023). ONE operates 232 containerships, including 31 super-large ships in the 24,000TEU class, among the world's largest a broad-ranging network in over 120 countries all over the world.


1968 MOL's first full containership, the America Maru (720 TEUs), is launched on the Japan/California route.
1969 The "Alligator" logo mark, designed by Ryohei Yanagihara, is introduced as a symbol of MOL's container service.
1972 The containership Rhine Maru (1,950 TEUs) is launched on the Japan/Europe route.
1986 The containership Alligator Liberty (2,800 TEUs) is launched on the New York route.
1994 The Global Alliance (TGA) is inaugurated as a strategic global container transport alliance.
1995 MOL's first Over Panamax-class containership, the MAAS (4,743 TEUs), is delivered.
1998 The New World Alliance (TNWA) is inaugurated.
2002 MOL's first 6,000TEU containership, the MOL Precision (6,350 TEUs), is delivered.
2004 Star-Net, the MOL-developed system to integrate containership operations, is introduced worldwide.
2007 MOL's first 8,000TEU containership, the MOL Creation (8,110 TEUs), is delivered.
2012 The G6 Alliance is inaugurated.
2016 "THE Alliance" is inaugurated.
2017 MOL's first 20,000TEU containership, MOL Triumph (20,170 TEUs), is delivered. It is world's largest at the time.
2018 Ocean Network Express (ONE) commences its services.
2023 ONE's first 24,000TEU containership, ONE INFINITY (24,136 TEUs), is delivered. It is world's largest at the time.