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The TARANAKI SUN, world's first methanol carrier equipped with the main engine that uses methanol as fuel

MOL's fleet includes very large crude oil carriers (VLCCs) of more than 200,000 DWT and smaller vessels called Aframax tankers, contributing to the stable delivery of crude oil all around the world. The fleet also has various types of vessels that meet specific cargo characteristics - product tankers that transport petroleum products such as gas oils, naphtha, and gasoline, LPG tankers that transport Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), chemical tankers and methanol carriers that transport liquid chemical products, and ammonia carriers that attract attention as next-generation fuels.

To optimize customer service and provide safe and efficient transport, MOL integrates its high-level expertise in crude oil and petroleum and other liquefied cargo transport with group ship management companies that specialize in tanker operation. In addition, we provide specialized seafarer education and training for tanker operation and cargo loading and discharging at our training centers, and have developed a practical training system in which apprentice crewmembers actually serve aboard a tanker.

Furthermore, methanol is drawing attention as an environmentally friendly fuel that can reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions. Ahead of other companies, MOL is constantly adapting cutting-edge technology such as dual-fuel engines capable of running on either methanol or fuel oil, as well as ammonia-fueled vessels to carry ammonia, with the aim of further reduction of environmental impact.

The very large tanker EAGLE TRADER
The product tanker GARNET EXPRESS
Ammonia Carrier GREEN PIONEER
LPG-fueled Very Large LPG Carrier (VLGC), also capable of transporting ammonia PHOENIX HARMONIA


1936 Mitsui & Co., forerunner of Mitsui Steamship Co., Ltd. (Mitsui Line) launches its first tanker, the Otowasan Maru.
1952 Mitsui Line's first post-WWII tanker, the second-generation Otowasan Maru, is launched.
1962 First tanker built by Mitsui Line, the Orion Maru, is launched.
1969 Japan Line's first VLCC, the Japan Canna, is launched. It is Japan's largest at the time.
1983 Japan's first large-size ocean-going methanol carrier, the Kohzan Maru, is launched.
1992 Navix Line's first double-hull tanker, the Stena Concert, is launched.
1995 MOL's first double-hull VLCC, the Atlantic Liberty, is launched.
1999 World's largest methanol carrier, the Millennium Explorer, is launched.
2003 Japan's first vessel designed to transport ammonia, the Gas Oriental, is launched.
2016 World's largest very large ethane carrier (VLEC), the Ethane Crystal, is launched.
2019 MOL Chemical Tankers Pte. Ltd. enters the tank container business.

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