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MOL Business

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL), as a multi-modal transport group, meets the needs of the era in a wide variety of fields including dry bulkers such as iron ore carriers, coal carriers, and woodchip carriers, tankers that carry crude oil, LNG carriers that transport liquefied natural gas, car carriers, and containerships that carry a broad range of products.
Our activities are truly borderless, based on the operation of one of the world's largest merchant fleets, backed by expertise and technology developed throughout our 140-year history. We support the growth of the world economy with the entire globe as our stage, while continually evolving into an excellent and resilient corporate group.

Dry Bulker Business

Moving Resources on a Global Scale with the World's Largest Fleet

Dry bulk cargoes range widely from raw materials such as iron ore, coal, wood chips, and biomass fuels to intermediate commodities and products such as fertilizers, grain, cement, salt, and steel products. The MOL Group fleet transports these vital commodities not only to Japan, which relies heavily on imports, but to markets around the world as well. Global dry bulker transport plays an active role in economic growth and the shift toward an international division of labor.

MOL's dry bulker fleet, the largest in the world, offers stable transport service to meet various customer needs with a full lineup of general-purpose bulk carriers that can transport a wide variety of cargoes and specialized carriers designed and constructed to meet the specific characteristics of different cargoes and conditions at loading and discharging ports.
We also have a wide range of versatile bulkers from small to large size, flexibly meeting various trades around the world and providing high-quality transport services.

Looking to the future, MOL is taking a proactive stance in researching and developing next-generation bunkering vessels, fueled by LNG-which is much more environment friendly than conventional heavy oil-in response to stricter international regulations on exhaust emissions from merchant ships.

Energy Business

A Proven Track Record in Contributing to a Stable Energy Supply

As global demand for energy diversifies, MOL is developing its energy transport business on a worldwide scale, backed by the world's largest fleet, a track record of success, and decades of know-how. Focusing on enhancing the quality of the fleet and providing world-class seafarer education and training, the company contributes to a stable worldwide energy supply with a comprehensive safety system that covers both hardware and software aspects in energy transport including liquefied natural gas (LNG), which requires advanced technological capabilities.

MOL is also moving aggressively into offshore businesses such as floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs) and floating production, storage, and offloading units (FPSOs), taking a proactive approach to developing these businesses, drawing upon its abundant track record in energy transport.

Product Transport Business

Meeting Diversified Transport Needs with Advanced Networks and High-Quality Services

Worldwide cargo traffic has continued to grow along with the progress of economic globalization, including the growth of emerging countries and the shift of manufacturing plants to overseas locations. MOL transports a broad range of products, from industrial products to general consumer goods and automobiles, with a service network that covers the globe.

In our car carrier operations, we offer services that precisely meet the diversified transport needs and distribution patterns of today's automobile manufacturers. MOL, as a pioneer with a half century of success, provides comprehensive, top-quality, local market-oriented services such as land transport, coastal shipping, and terminal operation. In the containership field, Ocean Network Express (ONE), which was created through the integration of three Japanese shipping companies' container shipping businesses, started its services in April 2018. It offers an enhanced level of service with one of the world's largest fleets and an extensive network of calling ports. In addition, MOL provides extensive logistics services, drawing upon its ocean shipping know-how and specialized group companies to meet diversified logistics needs.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle Business

Creating new value around people in terms of wellbeing and lifestyle

As a mainstay of the non-shipping business that contributes to "people's wellbeing and lifestyle," the Wellbeing & Lifestyle Business Division focuses on real estate business, ferry and coastal RORO vessel business, cruise business, tugboat business and foreign human resources business. By making the most of the knowledge and experience accumulated by the Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Group, we are providing new value to the diversifying demands of society's stakeholders, including customers, investors and employees.

With the ferry and coastal RORO vessels, we are developing a passenger business that allows passengers to easily experience extraordinary cruises and a logistics business that supports our domestic transportation base as a receptacle for modal shifts. In the cruise business, we will utilize the Nippon Maru, which is often referred to as a "gourmet ship," and the new cruise ships that join the fleet in order to achieve wellbeing originated in Japan with a cordial hospitality and special meals.

Associated Business

Various Associated Businesses Build upon Our Strength in Ocean Shipping

MOL Group has accumulated an immense storehouse of know-how centered on ocean shipping, drawing upon 140 years of history and tradition.
Our expertise encompasses not only ocean shipping-related businesses such as tugboat operation, and maritime consulting services, but also travel, finance, trading, insurance, ICT systems, supporting a national oil stockpiling project, sales of nautical charts, as well as CVC (Corporate Venture Capital) and Global HR Consulting and more.
Our associated businesses are the fruits of the MOL spirit: "Creating business from business."