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Tugboat Business

Safely Escorting Large Vessels, Ships Loaded with Hazardous Cargoes

LNG-fueled tugboat Ishin

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The MOL Group's tugboat business supports vessels in arriving and leaving port, berthing and unberthing, avoiding hazards, and other operations.

In recent years, as LNG has gained wider adoption as a clean energy source, transport volume of energy resources centering on LNG has shown a steady increase. New LNG terminals have gone into service one after another, and increasing LNG vessel traffic underscores the need for enhancements in tugboat operation capacity, from the standpoints of both quality and quantity.

Through a group company, MOL is working to precisely address these needs, and help protect the environment by introducing new types of tugboats including the first LNG-fueled ISHIN in western Japan, working to develop the fleet. At the same time, we are striving to improve the maintenance of equipment and instruments and upgrade the skills of crewmembers with enhanced safety training with the goal of efficient, accident-free operation.

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