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Ferry and Coastal RoRo Vessel Business

Japan's Leading Domestic Ocean Transport Network Provides Key Regional Connections

The Sunflower Kurenai entered service on the Osaka-Beppu ferry route in FY2022
* Awarded "Ship of the Year 2022" in the Large Passenger Ship Sector
* Awarded "Good Design Award 2023"

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MOL Group Ferry&RORO Vessel Business -Cargo Transportation Service-

MOL Group Ferry Business -Passenger Transportation Service-

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Ferry Sunflower Furano

The MOL Group's ferry and coastal RoRo vessel business plays a key role in vitalizing local economies and brings more affluent lifestyles to people all over Japan.

Through our cargo transportation service, we connect regional hubs throughout Japan with the comprehensive transport networks on the land and sea. In recent years, public attention has focused on climate change and a shortage of truck drivers in Japan. As an essential player in Japan's "Modal Shift" which realizes a new level in efficient and environmentally friendly transportation, we not only meet customers' needs but also fulfill our social responsibilities.
Our passenger transportation service, we provide convenient services with comfortable facilities that allow passengers to experience an extraordinary voyage, under the "Casual Cruises" concept.

In 2023, Japan's first two LNG-fueled ferries entered service on the Osaka-Beppu route. This reduces emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) by about 25%, sulfur oxide (SOx) by virtually 100%, and nitrogen oxides (NOx) by about 85% compared to current ferries, meeting customers' needs while also achieving outstanding environmental performance.

RoRo vessel Buzen
Meimon Taiyo Ferry's FERRY OSAKAⅡ
Suite Japanese/Western-style room connect
Sunflower Kurenai/Murasaki
Sunflower Satsuma/Kirishima

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