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Offshore Wind Power Energy Business

Contributing to Offshore Wind Power Value Chains

Asia's first SOV for the Greater Changhua Wind Farms in Taiwan

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The MOL Group will develop and drive new "environment and emission free businesses" and strive to make them core operations in the next generation. Among them, we are offering a range of services in the value chains of offshore wind power, an emerging renewable energy field. We also promote various projects using wind energy, in addition to wind power-related businesses.

  • Pre-construction marine consulting services for offshore wind power generation systems
    MOL scrutinize natural conditions, man-made conditions, and relevant laws and ordinances, and help customers select the ideal sea areas to locate wind power plants.
  • Ocean transport offshore wind power plant parts and construction materials
    MOL teams up with Thorco Projects, a Danish ocean shipping company that operates multi-purpose vessels, to transport lengthy wind turbine blades and heavyweight cargoes. We also offer reliable services ranging from route research, land transport, loading/unloading from barges and conventional vessels, arrangement of ocean transport, and local on-site installation.
  • Installation of Offshore Wind Power Generation Systems
    MOL's investment in Seajacks International Limited (Seajacks) Group, an operator of Self-Elevating Platform(SEP) vessels in 2017 marked our entry into the SEP vessel business.
  • Vessel to Transport Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Technicians
    MOL is pioneering the Service Operation Vessel (SOV) business in Asia through a joint company established with Ta Tong Marine in 2020. The SOV will be used to support the operations and maintenance services of the Greater Changhua 1 & 2a Offshore Wind Farms, which is located off the coast of Changhua County and under construction by Ørsted.
    MOL is also active in the operation of Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) used to facilitate O&M activities.
  • O&M Human Resources Development and Supply
    MOL and Magsaysay, a longtime partner in the Philippines, jointly established MM Empower in 2020. The company helps customers make the most effective use of foreign personnel, with services ranging from determining needs for overseas employees to customization and operation of local training programs, dispatch of staff, and continuous care for both customers and the workforce for companies. As part of this service it offers training for O&M technicians for wind power generation systems.
  • Development of O&M and Terminal Ports
    MOL maintenance and operate O&M and terminal ports, and develop safety support services.
  • Use of Offshore Wind Energy
    MOL launched the "Wind Challenger Project" in 2018. We have developed a hard sail system that converts wind energy to propulsive force with a telescopic hard sail as the fundamental technology of the project. In 2020, we signed a transport contract using the world's first coal carrier equipped with hard sail wind power propulsion system. Furthermore, in 2020 we started the Wind Hunter Project, the ultimate zero emission driving project, which combines wind propulsion sailing technology and wind energy converted to electricity to generate a stable supply of hydrogen.


2017 MOL enters the Self-Elevating Platform (SEP) vessel business through investment in Seajacks.
2020 MOL participates in Asia's first Service Operation Vessel (SOV) business with Ta Tong Marine in Taiwan.
MOL establishes foreign human resources consulting company MM Empower Corp. in the Philippines.
MOL started the "Wind Hunter Project," zero-emission project with wind propulsion and hydrogen.
MOL signs transport contract for a coal carrier equipped with a hard sail wind power propulsion system.
2021 Seajacks-operated SEP vessel starts foundation work on a wind farm for an offshore wind power project at Akita Port and Noshiro Port, Japan's first large-scale commercial offshore windfarm.